Enlitened at Exeter

Enlitened is a new innovative app for students, designed to support continuous improvement in student engagement and wellbeing. The product has been developed by a division of The Student Room Group and is currently being piloted at Exeter among first-year students.

In order to allow us to fully evaluate and test the value of Enlitened, we are promoting the app and encouraging all  first-year students to download itand let us know what you think.

What is Enlitened?

It’s a completely new type of app – to help you get the most from your time at uni. Your university years can be exciting – but it’s not always easy. You may be faced with challenges around study, money, relationships, wellbeing, and the practicalities of being a university student.

The Enlitened app has been built by the innovation hub of The Student Room Group. It’s based on decades of research about the things that help students thrive, and it’s been developed in partnership with universities including Exeter  – to provide new insight into students’ experience and help us to offer the tailored support you need for study, life and wellbeing.

How does it work?

Each week, Enlitened asks you a few questions – in a quick, easy way – then it instantly gives you tailored advice and support to help you get the most from your uni experience.

Also, to help you get the student voice and opinions heard, you can submit ideas and support other students’ ideas for things you’d like to see at uni.

As you engage with the app – completely anonymously – it helps the University quickly understand and prioritise which aspects of uni life need to improve. We then work in close partnership with the Students’ Guild to respond to this feedback.

Plus, as you use the app, you earn points you can redeem for rewards – on campus and online.

On-campus and online rewards

As you engage with the Enlitened app you earn points which can be redeemed for rewards. On campus rewards include food and drink offers at The Market Place such as a free sandwich meal deal. Online rewards include savings on high street brands as well as Love to Shop vouchers which can be redeemed at Amazon, ASOS and iTunes .

How can Enlitened help students?

  • Make university better – by giving instant, anonymous feedback through answering questions
  • Boost your grades, motivation and wellbeing – with instant tips and ideas from experts and students
  • Get the student voice heard – by proposing your ideas to improve uni and supporting other students’ ideas
  • Earn points – and redeem them for rewards on campus and online

How will the University be reviewing your feedback?

The University’s set up a Steering Group, involving Students’ Guild representatives, to review feedback received through Enlitened during this pilot period and co-ordinate responses to what your feedback. This group is reporting regularly to the University’s Education Executive, to the Students’ Guild and to education leaders in your department who will be able to see feedback relating to their areas and use it to continually improve.

When you submit ideas through the app, these are moderated and monitored by the Student Engagement Team who liaise closely with the Students’ Guild. Where Ideas are well supported by users in the app, the Student Engagement Team will work with relevant stakeholders to respond to these.

What about data privacy?

You’re completely anonymous with the Enlitened app. The University can only see responses and ideas from groups of students – but never from individuals.

To get students set up on the app, Enlitened integrates data from the University’s student record systems. You can check out the Enlitened privacy policy for more details.

The app isn’t a marketing tool and your data will never be used for marketing – it will only ever be used for improving student engagement and wellbeing.

Download the app:

Search for ‘Enlitened’ on the App Store or Google Play – and register using your university email address.

Where can I find out more about Enlitened?

Visit the Enlitened website: www.enlitened.org.

You can also get in touch with your College Officer / VP Education if you have any questions or would like any additional information about the Enlitened pilot.