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Profile: Diogo Ribeiro Camara


Exeter Scholars National Pathway 2016–2018

Subject Activity Strand: Renewable Energy & Engineering

Now studying: BSc Geography

"Exeter Scholars gave me the opportunity to visit a university that was far from where I live, particularly as I was based at the Penryn campus. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the programme. I enjoyed the fact that it allowed me to experience what living away from home feels like, with people I had never met. That, for me, was my take-home experience, and I knew that I could go to university without many nerves.

From taking part in the programme I learnt that I didn’t have to worry about going to university. I decided that I was going to apply to the University of Exeter because of the wonderful experience I had. By doing the Renewable Energy & Engineering subject strand, I realised that I preferred the Geography side of the subject to the Maths side, and that narrowed down the choices that I made on UCAS.

Exeter Scholars was one of the best summer experiences I've ever participated in. Take this opportunity to explore a potential path for your life and treat it as a trial run. Enjoy the experiences available to you and apply to them all. The work and effort you put into your future is what you’ll get out of it."