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Profile: Kathryn Willoughby


Exeter Scholars National Pathway 2016–2018

Subject Activity Strand: English & Film

Now studying: BA English

"I took part in Exeter Scholars because I knew Exeter was likely to be my first choice university, so I wanted to experience life here and strengthen my UCAS application. The lower grade incentive and benefits package also drew me in.

The thing I enjoyed most was being able to experience student life in both social and academic senses. The subject strand activities allowed me to further my studies and see that the course was right for me, and the residential gave me experience of being away from home and living independently (which I was anxious about before). Meeting other students who I’ve since kept in touch with was also so valuable.

Before taking part in Exeter Scholars I was worried about how I’d adjust from A-Level lesson structure. The mock lectures and seminars were incredibly useful and the content we learned on the subject strand was relevant to my course now, so I found that insight really useful! It definitely helped me realise that the Exeter English course was right for me.

The advice I would give to anyone thinking of applying for the Exeter Scholars programme is do it! There’s nothing to lose and you will come out of it knowing more about yourself, your course and the university, and with lots of experience and new friends. I was so anxious about coming to university, but knowing a bit more about what university is like from doing the Scholars programme definitely helped me remember that it would be okay!"