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Profile: Kirah Bradshaw


Exeter Scholars South West Pathway 2015–2017

Subject Activity Strand: Classics & Ancient History

Now studying: BA Anthropology with Study Abroad

"I applied for Exeter Scholars because I was interested in doing a degree in Classics, so doing the programme was a great way of experiencing this course. I loved learning topics that you would never learn in your average A-Level course. I particularly loved how our 'lecturer' used TV shows and movies as a way of explaining theories and events.

The Exeter Scholars programme helped me realise that studying Classics at degree level wasn’t what I wanted to do and helped me work out what course was best for me. The programme also gave me a great insight into the demands of higher education and the ways that we might learn.

I would say that if you’re unsure about what course you might want to do at degree level, Exeter Scholars is perfect in helping you along the way."