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Profile: Matt Cordwent


Exeter Scholars South West Pathway 2014–2016

Subject Activity Strand: Pathways to Law

Now studying: LLB Law

"I actually found out about Exeter Scholars after talking to a co-worker at my part-time job. I then asked my tutor about this programme as it sounded fantastic and discovered I had a day left to apply. I did manage to get my application in on time and I am very grateful that I did! This programme has been incredible: allowing me to meet like-minded individuals; improve on essential skills; and enjoy lots of opportunities that simply aren’t available to everyone else. I believe that having these skills and experiences on my personal statement really helped it stand out on my UCAS application and may well be why I am at university today.

The experience that I most enjoyed from my Exeter Scholars programme was the National Conference at Warwick University that I got to experience as part of the Law strand. This was one of many fantastic opportunities, but it stuck out to me as I learned what it was like to live on a campus university. Over the week we also had different competitions in negotiating and debating, which I found really useful in building my own confidence as well as my communication skills.

When I started Exeter Scholars I still wasn’t sure whether I wanted to study Law at university, or have any experience of what university life would involve. These are the most important things that I took away from Exeter Scholars. Learning from real lecturers at Exeter allowed me to experience a university-style lecture without committing to a course (and the finances of it).

If I was to give advice to any student, it would be to do exactly what you are doing. Go out and look for those new opportunities, and, when you find one, grab it! Opportunities such as Exeter Scholars don’t just help you professionally and look great on your personal statement or CV, but also will develop you as a person. You’ll find you have talents you never thought you did and build on these in real-life situations.

If you are worried you won’t make any friends or won’t fit in, don’t be! You will fit in and find some amazing friends. I know this because when I went on the programme I was the only person from my college so I didn’t know anyone else there, but nearly 5 years later I still have them as firm friends and, even though we didn’t all go to the same universities, we still keep in contact with each other and meet during the holidays. I can honestly say I met some of my best friends on this programme."