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Profile: Thomas Bailey


Exeter Scholars South West Pathway 2016–2018

Subject Activity Strand: Geography

Now studying: BSc Geography

"I heard about the Exeter Scholars programme through my school. We were given a presentation by current Exeter students which really showed how valuable the course would be and made me excited to gain this experience.

I enjoyed the range of talks from different researchers which demonstrated the breadth of Geography and developed my enthusiasm for the subject. The fieldtrip to the quay to see the flood defences currently being built was a highlight. We were given a talk from an expert on the flood defence plans – it was interesting to be given the context and facts behind the defences. Since arriving at university, we have talked about the flood defences there so this was a very enjoyable and useful day!

From taking part in the Exeter Scholars programme I’ve learned more about my interests and passions in Geography. Before starting the course, I was unsure about what path I wanted to go down – it was a close call between Geography and Physics. I decided to go with Geography and the programme very much helped show me that this was the right decision. By introducing me to a higher education style of learning and by being able to explore the campus, as well as employing time management skills in keeping up with school work and attending the subject sessions, Scholars has definitely helped me with the demands of university now that I’m here.

The advice I would give to new participants is to go for it! For me, it was a great programme that not only gave me the opportunity to gain experience of higher education and university itself, but also greatly benefitted me once I completed it. The lower entry grades definitely helped my confidence when it came to taking my exams and it took the nerves off knowing that I already liked the campus. You could gain a lot from participating in the programme and it will give you a great insight into whether your chosen subject is definitely what you want to do at university. It will also give you an idea as to whether university is right for you. Mainly just have fun and make the most of it!"