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Online Assessment

For participants in Exeter Scholars that decide to apply to study at the University of Exeter, completion of the Year 13 online assessment is a compulsory part of becoming a Senior Scholar and accessing the additional benefits associated with this. The only exception to this is for Pathways to Law participants, for whom the subject strand content is sufficient to automatically qualify as a Senior Scholar. 

Once you have submitted your UCAS application, your application will be recognised as linked to the Exeter Scholars programme. A member of the Exeter Scholars team will then automatically contact you by email to invite you to complete the assessment. Invitations will be issued after the January UCAS application deadline – so, even if you submit your UCAS form very early, you will not be invited to complete the online assessment until this time. 

Most questions on the online assessment will be multiple choice, but some will require you to complete written answers relating to your own personal experiences. The content will not be subject specific, but will instead focus on transferable study skills and your preparedness for both higher education and your chosen course. You will not need to revise and full guidance will be issued at the point of invitation.

Once you have completed the online assessment, a member of the Scholars team will contact you to confirm your result within two weeks. The assessment will only be available for you to sit once, and it must be completed in one sitting.