Payment of Fees by instalment


Tuition fees are due by the dates shown on the Payment Due Dates page.

The liability for tuition fees ultimately lies with you, as the student. If you are sponsored by a third party organisation (and not an individual), the University may, on request, invoice the third party. If you are being sponsored, you can find more information about the process on our Sponsored Students page.

Most students are eligible to pay their fees through our standard instalment plan.

Standard instalment plan

You have the choice either to pay all of your tuition fees for the whole academic year at the start of your course or to pay using the standard instalment option as follows:

  • 50% by the term 1 due date
  • 50% by the term 2 due date

Any tuition fee waiver, SLC tuition fee loan or sponsorship will be offset against the gross tuition fee. You can choose to pay the remaining fee by the standard instalment plan (see above) or in full at the beginning of the academic year.

There is also the option to use the Recurrent Card Payment (RCP) scheme for the standard 2 instalments plus a 6 instalment plan as below:

Instalment 1 Immediately upon set up
Instalment 2 01 November 2020
Instalment 3 01 December 2020
Instalment 4 01 January 2021
Instalment 5 01 February 2021
Instalment 6 01 March 2021

This scheme creates an instalment plan and automatically requests a card payment from your card issuer on the dates above. The scheme can be accessed and set up via the online card payment portal.

Accommodation Fees

Accommodation fees can be paid in full at the start of the academic year or in three termly instalments (4 Instalments for 51 week contracts).

The due dates can be found on the Payment Due Dates page.

Postgraduate Taught

If you are using a Postgraduate Loan (PGL) to fund a postgraduate taught course, the SLC have confirmed the loan will be paid in 3 equal instalments annually based on the University’s standard term dates in 2020/21. Given this, the University may agree to a special 3 instalment arrangement (i.e. 33% in term 1, 33% in term 2 and 34% in term 3) for your tuition fees to reflect the PGL funding schedule.

To request this special instalment plan, please submit a SID enquiry and attach your loan approval letter from the SLC. This must be completed by the 1 December each academic year. Your loan approval letter must clearly show your name, address and the payment dates and amounts of your SLC loan. Please note that requests submitted after this date will not be considered.

Your PGL may not be sufficient to cover your fees so you are strongly advised to make adequate financial provision before you commence your study. You are expected to make payment in full for each instalment within 3 days of receiving your PGL payment including any shortfall between your PGL and the fees due.

If you fail to pay in accordance with the new payment arrangement, the University reserves the right to withdraw this special payment arrangement and request that you make payments in line with the standard arrangements detailed above.