Sponsored Students

If a sponsor is paying your fees

This page provides information for students who are sponsored by a recognised organisation (but does not include the Student Loans Company)

If you are sponsored, you must submit an official Sponsorship letter or Financial Guarantee to the University when you make your application. We require the letter from your sponsor to confirm the following details:

  • Full contact name of who the tuition fee invoice should be addressed to
  • Full postal address, email address and telephone number of the above named person
  • Full details of the financial aid being offered
  • The letter should be printed on headed paper with an official signature and stamp

Please note that we cannot invoice your sponsor until we have an official sponsorship letter or Financial Guarantee. If we cannot invoice your sponsor, then you remain liable for all fees and payment must be made by the standard University payment due dates.

Examples of organisations may include:

  • Embassies (normally an overseas Embassy)
  • Private funding councils (either overseas or UK based)
  • An Employer (either overseas or UK based)

If your sponsorship covers the duration of your course, you only need to provide the letter at the beginning of your course.

However, if your sponsorship only covers one academic year, and is reviewed annually, you must provide the University with a new Sponsorship letter or Financial Guarantee each academic year.

Please note that it is your responsibility to contact your sponsor and request a sponsorship letter or Financial Guarantee. The University cannot request this information on your behalf due to the Data Protection Act 2018.

Once we have received the required letter/guarantee and you have registered, an invoice for the specified charges will be sent to your sponsor. Payment is then expected within 30 days of the invoice being sent. If your sponsor fails to make payment by the due date given, the University reserves the right to apply its normal late payment and debtor penalty procedures. Please see the 2020/21 Student Finance Regulations for full details.

Please submit your sponsor letter upon applying to the University, or if you have already registered, please submit a colour copy to the SID desk in person or by logging an enquiry