Online Statement

Throughout the year you can check your recent transactions and balance with the University of Exeter by accessing your online statement.  Please login to your online statement via the Finance tab in the Student Record System to view your latest balance.

Please note that this statement may not contain all charges due. Further transactions may be added depending on your circumstances.

For details on how to pay, please click here.

For enquiries about your statement, please use the Student Information Desk (SID) Online.  You can access this by logging into 'iExeter' and clicking on the Help and Support Tab.  Alternatively, you can call the SID Desk on 0300 555 0444 (UK callers) or +44 (0)1392 724724 (International callers)

Please be reminded that payment must be received by the payment due dates provided. Late fees of 3% will be added to your university account on all overdue balances. Where accounts continue to be overdue, University sanctions will be applied and further action will be taken to recover the monies due. Full details of the University's Student Finance Regulations can be found in the University Student Finance Regulations 2019/2020.

Protect yourself from Money Laundering

Recently, university students have been increasingly targeted by criminals to facilitate their illegal money laundering operations. As anti-money laundering systems improve and law enforcement agencies become stricter, criminals are finding creative ways to make dirty money appear legal. 

How you can stay protected

To prevent yourself from becoming a ‘money mule’ please follow these basic guidelines:

• Be careful of emails or messages from anyone offering you cash or payments in return for accepting payments into your bank account

• Do not share your bank details with anyone that you don’t know and trust – particularly if it’s a stranger who has contacted you by email or social media

• Be vigilant - look out for any unusual activity in your bank account (for example, if you see that money has been deposited into your account and then removed)

• Be aware that the consequences of becoming a ‘money mule’ can be serious

If you think that your bank account may have been misused, or that you have become involved in a scam or money laundering activity, talk directly with your bank about this. Alternatively you could report the issue to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting the Action Fraud website. 

Further advice can be obtained from the DON'T BE FOOLED campaign website