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For more information on PGCE funding visit the Department of Education website.

Funding for PGCE Students

PGCE Exeter Bursary 

The University of Exeter is offering a £520 bursary to our UK students whose household income has been assessed by your relevant student funding body as £25,000 or less. There is no separate application procedure for the bursary, however, students who have not applied for financial support, or who have applied but chosen not to be means tested, are unable to be considered for this bursary until they do.

The PGCE Exeter Bursary for 2020/21 will be paid in one instalment on 30th October October 2020, or thereafter within 10 working days of confirmation of your household income.

Department for Education and Teaching Regulation Agency (DETRA) 

In addition to the tuition and maintenance loan described above, the Department for Education and Teaching Regulation Agency (formally known as the National College for Teaching & Leadership) offers further financial incentives and support as a bursary, available to Home and EU trainees on an eligible course in England. Bursary amounts vary depending on teaching subject and degree class.

For further details on the DETRA scheme, please visit the PGCE course pages.

There is no formal application procedure for the bursary however, as part of the registration process, you will be asked to accept the University's terms and conditions which will include the terms and conditions for receipt of the DETRA Training Bursary.

Payment dates 

You will receive your first bursary payment in October, on the condition you have provided your bank account details and have registered

Payments are made on a monthly basis, to reach your bank account for the first Friday of the month. The funds will be paid between October and July in 10 equal instalments. 


Please note: 

If you are considering withdrawing or interrupting from your course, you must inform your College immediately as you will no longer be eligible to receive the bursary. Any bursary payment received after your last day of attendance will require repayment.

International Students are not eligible for the training bursary.

Payments made before eligibility has been properly assessed are made on a provisional basis and may be subject to repayment.


In order for us to process payments, students must supply the University of Exeter with their correct bank details. You can add bank details during registration or at any time after you have registered via the finance tab of your online Student Records System account.

Important - If we do not have your bank details then payments cannot be made. If we have the incorrect bank details then payments may be paid to an incorrect account. Should this happen then the funds will need to be reclaimed from the bank before any further payments can be paid to your correct account. The timescale of this repayment then rests with the bank. We advise all students to check their bank details are present and accurate by visiting their student record.

Terms and Conditions

For further information on our bursary schemes, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section in the Student Information Desk (SID) or see our Terms and Conditions.