Funding for Students with Children

Government Funded Student Support

If you are a full-time undergraduate UK* student who has dependent children, you may be eligible for the following supplementary grants;

Childcare Grant

This grant covers up to 85% of the cost of childcare during both term time and vacations. The grant is means tested, so the amount you receive will depend on your household income. You must be eligible for student finance to apply for a Childcare grant.

Parents' Learning Allowance

This grant is intended to help parents in full time study with costs such as books, travel and materials.

For further information on both of the above grants, visit the Gov.UK website.

You can apply for both these grants when you apply for your other financial support. See Applying for Loans and Grants for further information.

If you are a Scottish student with children, visit the Student Awards Agency for Scotland website to see what support might be available to you.

* For full information on how entitlement to Student Support is assessed, please visit the UKCISA website.

The Hardship and Retention Fund

The Government gives the University of Exeter money every year for us to help students who need extra financial support because they have higher than expected costs (such as single parents) or if they face financial problems during their course. You can get help from the Fund to meet course related costs such as childcare, books/equipment, travel or for general living costs such as rent. If you qualify for a payment from the Fund, it will not usually have to be repaid. For further details of the scheme please visit our Hardship and Retention fund page.

Child Tax Credits

Full-time students with dependent children are eligible to receive child tax credit, subject to the normal rules of the scheme. Further information on claiming tax credits can be found on the HMRC website. You can also contact the Students’ Guild for advice about claiming.

Welfare Benefits

Some students who have dependent children are entitled to claim welfare benefits, such as Housing Benefit, while they study. The rules concerning claiming benefits as a full-time student are complex, and you should contact the Students’ Guild for further advice if you think that you may be entitled.