International Students (from outside the EU)

As the majority of UK student funding is derived from Government funds, its availability is mostly restricted to home (UK) students. This means international students are not eligible for UK Student Loans, Hardship and Retention Funds, Bursaries, Fee Waivers or help with childcare costs.

There are some University scholarships available to international students.

International students should ensure they have the funding available to cover tuition fees and living costs incurred during their course before arrival in the UK

Please check the US Students or Canadian Students pages if you are from the USA or Canada.

Fund for International Student Hardship (FISH)

A fund has been established for the alleviation of emergency financial hardship suffered by international students of the University of Exeter, made possible by an annual donation by the Trustees of the University of Exeter Foundation.

Financial support will be awarded on the basis of emergency financial hardship. Applications meriting support could include occasions where a government or corporate sponsor was proving slow to provide a student with living expenses, or where a student unexpectedly needed to return home for family reasons.

Students will not be able to apply for support on the grounds that their national currency has depreciated, since such an occurrence would affect all students from a given country. A student who finds themselves in financial hardship due to mismanagement of their finances will also not be eligible for support.

Financial assistance will be in the form of a loan or grant, and will not be in excess of £1,000.


You must meet certain residence requirements to qualify for help:

  • You must be a student of the University of Exeter of 'International' fee status.
  • You must be resident within the United Kingdom in pursuit of your studies at the University.
  • You must be normally domiciled outside the European Union

The rules regarding residency and immigration status are complex; if you are not sure whether you qualify, please check with the Student Funding Team before making an application.

How to apply

You can apply for help from the Fund at any time during the academic year.

Contact Information

If you have an enquiries regarding financial help from these schemes, please contact the SID desk on:
Tel: 0300 555 0444 (UK callers) or +44 (0)1392 724724 (International callers)


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