Campus celebrations 2021

Campus celebration booking invitation 2021

Dear Class of 2021 Graduate,

Thank you for booking a place at our Campus Celebration Events to celebrate your successes with us. We appreciate this year is different, and we look forward to welcoming you back next year, but in the meantime these events will give you the chance to mark your achievement with your peers.

We will be providing free graduation gowns for you to wear and there will be designated areas to take your own photos. There will also be light summer nibbles and refreshments available, including a glass of fizz (note, non-alcoholic alternatives will be available).

On the day all you need is yourself in your best outfit with your favourite face-covering!

These events will take place in a COVID-19 secure way; they are aligned with the safety and travel advice of local and national health bodies and current national guidelines. Below is an outline of what to expect. Please read through this information carefully so you fully understand your obligation as a participant before attending your event. It is important that we all follow this guidance to keep each other safe and avoid transmission.
We encourage you take a Lateral Flow Test before attending this event. Taking twice-weekly tests, even if you don’t have any symptoms, will help us to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect each other and our communities. Details of how to pick up your tests can be found by following the dedicated link here.

On Arrival

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your chosen time slot. This is to avoid unnecessary queuing. You will be unable to obtain your gown before this time.

Once you have arrived, please head to the registration desk at Peter Chalk (Streatham), The Exchange (Penryn), or the Exeter Medical School building (EMS) (St Lukes). There will be signposts indicating where to begin queueing. All queues will be managed by our volunteering marshals. Facemasks are to be worn at all times whilst queuing and while inside all University buildings.

Those not abiding by social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave.

The registration desk will register your attendance. Unfortunately, those who have not booked and received confirmation prior to the event will not be allowed to register and attend as we have allocated the number of gowns according to the booking register.

You will be given tokens for refreshments once you arrive at the registration desk. Lost tokens cannot be replaced. You will not be able to obtain refreshments without these tokens. Please note, tokens cannot be reused due to COVID-19 restrictions.

At Gowning

Once you are registered, you will be asked to move onto gowning in Peter Chalk Hall One (Streatham), The Exchange (Penryn), or the Exeter Medical School building (EMS) (St Lukes). Please ensure you continue to wear your face-covering. Our gowning supplier Graduation Attire will have a selection of different size gowns on offer for you. They will be on hand to assist with your gowning and to make sure you look your best. Gowning will be completed in as socially distanced a way as possible.

Gowns will be assigned to your student ID number. Any gowns not returned at the end of the session will be chargeable to you.

Photo Opportunities 

Our main photo opportunity will be a University of Exeter branded photo wall in The Great Hall (Streatham)/ The Exchange (Penryn)/ Marquee (St Lukes). Please note, ONLY 6 people will be able to pose in front of the backdrop at any one time due to social distancing guidelines. You may remove your face-coverings for your photographs, but they must be worn whilst queuing.

Our campuses are stunning and there are plenty of hotspots in and around campus where you are welcome to take more photographs. Please feel free to explore all of campus but ensure you abide by social distancing guidelines at all times.

Social Media frames

We have created some frames for you to post celebrating graduation on social media. You can use your own photograph or use one of the ones we have included in the templates and there are options to include your degree title and classification if you would like to.

When you have edited the frame as desired in PowerPoint you need to:

For PC users: File > Save As > Choose save location > then change file format
For Mac Users: File > Export > Change file format to JPEG > Save Current Slide Only

These can then be used across social media.


Complimentary refreshments will be available from the marquee located at The Great Hall Piazza (Streatham), Tremough Lawns (Penryn), or The Quad (St Lukes). Have your tokens ready. Drinks are limited to 2 per person. We will also have some complimentary light nibbles on offer such as strawberries and cream and cupcakes. When inside the marquee, please ensure face-coverings are worn at all times.

What to do when your session is over

We have two Campus Celebration events taking place each day. 

To ensure unnecessary mixing does not occur between the two Campus Celebration events, we kindly ask that you return your gown and leave campus as quickly as possible no later than 30 minutes before your session is due to finish. 

Please return your gown to the same place you initially received it (Peter Chalk Hall Two (Streatham), The Exchange (Penryn), or the Exeter Medical School building (EMS) (St Lukes)). Our gowning supplier Graduation Attire will collect your gown in, confirming receipt against your student ID number. As noted before, any gowns not returned at the end of the session will be charged.

Please respect your neighbours

This is a challenging time for the University, our staff, students and the communities we live and work in. We must work together and each take personal responsibility for keeping each other safe. We expect students to abide by our ‘Safe Community Charter’ which sets out the personal commitments we must all make, alongside the University’s commitment to managing the risk presented to us all by COVID-19. 

If you are continuing your celebration in our local communities after leaving campus, you are expected to have consideration and respect for your neighbours. The University can, and does, explore conduct issues that occur outside the campus boundaries. 

You must maintain social distancing and follow the latest Government guidelines regarding COVID-19, including restricted numbers for gatherings. 

If your party or social event at home is too loud the council can take action! The use of certain sound equipment can require licensing from the council and unlicensed use can lead to statutory conviction/seizure of equipment.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. We very much look forward to welcoming you to your event of celebration.

If you have any questions, please contact us on