Education support services

Our priority is that you continue to receive the highest standards of service from the education teams in your college and that the services we provide are flexible, resilient and efficient.

We have brought together education support teams across disciplines and located these within hubs across the University. Hubs offer space to eat, socialise, study and provide access to support through local info points. Your education support teams sit within these info points providing help with a range of general enquiries and specific questions about your programme.

Professional service staff are available in each hub to provide education support services when you need them. Each hub is managed by a hub manager and is supported by a number of staff who provide support for specific programmes and disciplines. Every hub will also have a team providing support for student wellbeing, as well as an Information Point which will be staffed by members of each team on a rota. Each hub will also have specialist wellbeing support team sitting within it.

We know you want better welfare support and this is a key feature in the new hub and information point structure. Every hub has a specialist welfare support contact to help with any welfare issues and all hubs have a private space to discuss any issues you may wish to talk about confidentially.

You will be able to access the support you need closer to where you need it. There are a number of hubs and information points now operating and you can find a full list of these, the disciplines they support, and details on the careers and welfare facilities available here.

You will be able to access support for FCH at the Peter Chalk information point. This is temporarily based in the ground floor foyer of the Physics Building until construction of the new Peter Chalk hub is complete. For specific discipline advice, including queries regarding coursework and exams, you will need to visit the information point relating to that discipline. You will find these listed online.

Whichever info point you go to, you will receive the same advice and service and there will be continued support by the team. 

Find out what support and services are available at your info points here

Yes - discipline specific support is available at your info point. For a list of hubs and the discipline support they provide, please visit the website.

In summary

If you do have any questions, please get in touch with your Guild Education VP or email the project team: