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Foreign Language

Learn a Language as part of your Degree!

Not only will it boost your employability, but choosing a language module means you could gain 'with proficiency in...' or 'with advanced proficiency in...' on your degree certificate!

'With proficiency in'

This involves successfully completing a minimum of 60 credits in one language taken through the Foreign Language Centre, of which 30 credits must be at Level 2 (FLC Intermediate 1) or higher. You could choose to start a new language from scratch or develop an existing one.

For example, a Geography student who passes 30 credits at Spanish Beginners and a further 30 credits at Spanish Intermediate 1 could have their degree title amended to BA (Hons) Geography with proficiency in Spanish .

If the 60 credits are ALL at NQF Level 6 then the words "with advanced proficiency in ...." can be added.

More and more employers are looking for graduates in all fields who have additional language skills and the Foreign Language Centre can help you with this.

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Graduate School of Education

Considering a Career in Teaching?

The Graduate School of Education offer 'Learning for Teaching' modules which are intended for undergraduate and masters students who are considering a career in teaching. They accept students from all disciplines!

The modules are available at Level 2 & Level 3, each in 15 or 30 credit versions.

Each module includes a series of introductory and preparatory lectures and seminars, school experience, ideally undertaken during university vacations, as well as the opportunity to reflect on your experience towards the end of the module.  

For more information, module descriptions and FAQs, click here.

If you have questions about the modules, or difficulties in registering, contact learningforteaching@exeter.ac.uk

Please note, some disciplines do not include these modules in their students’ online module registration list, if this is the case, contact your course administrator to help you register.

Learning from Work Experience in Social Sciences

Gain experience of learning through work placements

This module is an excellent opportunity for students studying Social Sciences to gain work experience. It not only allows students to explore a different type of learning through reflecting on their experiences at work but also focuses on linking work themes to the student's own discipline.

The placements must be a minimum of 40 hours and can be taken from Summer 2018 onwards, providing the preparatory lecture is attended and paperwork completed. Preparatory lectures take place in May for students wanting to do a summer placement and again in November for students who want to do a Christmas/term two/Easter placement. Lectures are throughout term two. 

The module is 15 credits and can be taken in the second year SSI2001 or final year SSI3017.

If you are interested in this module please contact your department administrator.

For more information about the value of Learning from Work Experience, please see the video by Scott Pepe, BA Politics 2014.

Make sure to have a look at the Careers Portfolio resource, which explores some of the most popular careers for social scientists and looks at some of the relevant modules relating to those careers.