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Our inclusive community

Our commitment

Welcome! You’re now a member of an inclusive and diverse university community of people from a wide range of backgrounds and from right across the world. Congratulations on achieving your place – our aim while you’re here is to help you to thrive and achieve your academic and personal goals.

We take pride in being an inclusive community which gives us all the opportunity to meet, study and live with lots of people with different perspectives and experiences. This enriches all of our learning experiences, as well as benefitting your studies and helping prepare you for your future career. Our community is built upon strong values of empathy, compassion and respect for all and we’re very pleased that you are part of our community.

We are committed to an inclusive environment which supports equality of opportunity, values diversity and where everyone can study, work and have fun without discrimination and harassment. Being an Exeter student means that you commit to treating individuals with kindness, dignity and respect.

We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination. If you experience or witness any behaviours which are not inclusive please report it - no matter how minor you think it might be. We have an ‘Exeter Speaks Out’ section on our website where you can make a report, including anonymously. We will take action against anyone who disrespects or discriminates against people within our community. Incidents which are motivated by hostility on the basis of disability, race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation or any part of someone’s gender identity like name-calling and offensive jokes are also reportable to the police. You can find out more and get support on the Exeter Speaks Out website

Further, as part of registration, you will have been directed to a Respect Matters Quiz which you can revisit here.

We would also encourage you to explore exeter and its diverse past, this Inclusivity Trail by the 'Telling Our Stories' project may be a good start! 

For more information our work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity check our EDI webpages