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Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy

Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy


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The creation of sustainable futures is a key pillar of Strategy 2030, arising from our institutional strength in environment and sustainability research and education, and a recognition that this is now a regional, national and global priority. We are one of the world’s best universities in environment and sustainability-driven science, engineering and business, founded on strong fundamental disciplinary research and education.

This faculty will champion our work on ‘taking meaningful action against the climate emergency and ecological crisis’.

New departmentsComprising the following existing departments/ disciplines/ units
Engineering  Engineering including the cross-campus Renewable Energy group
Physics and Astronomy  Physics and Astronomy
Geography Geography (Streatham)
Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics (except Environmental Mathematics Group, Penryn - see below)
Computer Science Computer Science
Earth and Environmental Science  Camborne School of Mines (Penryn)
Centre for Geography and Environmental Sciences
Environmental Mathematics Group (Penryn)
Ecology and Conservation  Biosciences (Penryn)  
Business School
Management Management, SITE, Sustainable Futures (Penryn)  
Economics Economics
Finance and Accounting Finance and Accounting
Research Institutes Environment and Sustainability Institute,
Global Systems Institute,
Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Natural Sciences is a cross-faculty programme where the course leaders are based in Physics and Astronomy

Establishment of a centre of excellence under consideration for the management of Degree Apprenticeships across the Faculty/University with strong links to Professional Services (Impact, Innovation and Business, Education and Academic Services) and academic oversight, for OFSTED purposes. Discussions with the Business School about academic oversight will continue.