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Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences

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Bringing together our highly ranked Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences into a connected, open and resilient faculty will inspire students and colleagues to think creatively and critically. In a time of volatility, complexity and uncertainty research and education across the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences are critical to unlocking human creativity, to engaging in a human-centered way with the world around us, and to building the inclusive understanding that will help us to co-create a better future.

This faculty will champion our work on ‘making progress towards creating a fair, socially just and inclusive society’.


New departmentsComprising the following existing departments/ disciplines/ units
Communications, Drama and Film  Drama
Discipline of Communications
Discipline of Film from English and Modern Languages and Culture
English and Creative Writing English, including discipline of Creative Writing
Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies Modern Languages and Cultures, including discipline of Art History and Visual Culture (AHVC)
Classics, Ancient History, Religion and Theology
Classics and Ancient History
Theology and Religion
Archaeology and History


Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Anthropology Politics, SPA (Disciplines of Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology and Criminology)
Law School Law School
School of Education Graduate School of Education
HASS Penryn Humanities (Penryn)
Politics (Penryn)
Law School (Penryn)**
University Research Institute Societies and Cultures Institute
Faculty Institute IAIS


** Strategic decisions on Law School teaching programmes will be made by the Head of the Law School in line with external accreditation and validation criteria.

Flexible Combined Honours and Liberal Arts are cross-faculty programmes (Liberal Arts to be homed in English and Cultural Studies)