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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


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The Health, Wellbeing and life sciences agenda continues to grow rapidly in regional, national and global importance. The faculty reinforces our identity in this area and sets us up to tackle not just the traditional health, biological and medical sciences agendas, but signals our existing excellence and intent on the broader but increasingly important areas of social and environmental aspects of human health. This faculty will champion our Strategy work on ‘making key breakthroughs to transform human health and wellbeing’ within the context of strong fundamental health and life sciences.


New departmentsComprising the following existing departments/ disciplines/ units
Biosciences   Biosciences  
Psychology Psychology
Health and Care Professions Academy of Nursing
Medical Imaging
Medical School
Health and Community Sciences Current primary care within Institute of Health Research (Exeter Collaboration for Academic Primary Care), and new School of Primary Care Research (SPCR), together with the Applied Research Collaboration (ARC), and including other smaller groups such as PenTAG
Clinical and Biomedical Sciences  Much of current Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science (including Neuroscience), and BMBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), Medical Sciences and Neuroscience education programmes

Public Health and Sports Sciences

Sports and Health Sciences
Public Health group (CMH) (e.g. as covered within the School of Public Health Research (SPHR)

University Research Institutes

Living Systems Institute