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Students can also develop and manage a programme. Ferdinand Boucher (above left) was awarded with 'Student Employee of the Year' for his work on organising a Peer-Assisted Learning programme.

Set up a Programme

If you are interested in setting up a Peer Support Programme for a module, discipline, Faculty or student cohort, then there are various things to consider.  Whilst the delivery of Peer Support is student-led, input is required from Study Zone's Peer Support Team and staff in your department to develop, embed and monitor the programme.

Implementing a successful Peer Support Programme takes time and involves various stages; from identifying the aims of the programme, to recruiting Mentors, attracting participants and scheduling peer sessions.

If you are a member of staff or a student who is thinking of introducing a Peer Support Programme, get in touch by emailing us at

Following this the Peer Support Team will respond with more information and can arrange to meet and discuss your aims and how they can be successfully achieved.

The Peer Support Team provides central coordination and support to all Peer Support Programmes taking place across the institution. This support includes:

  • Advice and guidance in developing and launching your programme
  • Provision of an online Peer Mentor system which incorporates recruitment, training, development and recognition for your Peer Mentors
  • Delivery of training sessions throughout the year.  The package of training materials can be sent to you if you wish to run a training session within your programme
  • Oversight of the Peer Mentor HEAR recognition process, which students can attain if they complete all stages of the online system
  • Central coordination of stakeholder networks, e.g. Programme Organiser Network, Peer Mentor Network