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You can count being an SPPO towards the Exeter Leaders Award as a leadership activity.

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Student Peer Programme Organiser (SPPO) Workflow, 2022-23

The Student Peer Programme Organisers (SPPO) are students (normally 3rd years) who offer to organise/run a peer scheme. They coordinate the peer mentors to provide this support to mentees. Read our Student Peer Programme Organiser role descriptor for more information on what being an SPPO entails.


This 'workflow' is a stage-by-stage training and development process for our Student Peer Programme Organisers. It provides resources and tasks which are essential for the smooth running of a peer scheme, development opportunity, and allows for the contextualising of experience running the scheme. If you are a Peer Mentor, please follow the Peer Mentor Workflow

If you complete all stages of this workflow by the end of term 3 in the 2022-23 Academic Year (June 2023), you will have your role as a Student Peer Programme Organiser, 2022/23 listed on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

If you have any questions about completing the Workflow, please email us at and we will do all we can to help.

SPPO Programme Plan

Please upload your own Programme Plan. You can download the document above and fill in the details relevant to your specific scheme.

This plan should include;

  • Aims and goals of the scheme
  • Explanation of the value of the scheme to students
  • Basic information on the structure of the scheme
  • Preparation and timeline of actions


Click here to upload your Programme Plan.

Attend a Peer Programme Organisers Network Meeting - you will receive an email with an invitation to this. Your attendance is recorded by the Peer Support Team.

Please upload at least 2 reports on your observations of Peer Leaders to complete this stage. You can download a blank template below. These plans enable you to provide feedback to your mentees, establish areas of good practice that can be shared with your mentors, and provide opportunities for programme development.


SPPO Observation Form


Click here to upload your Peer Leader Observation forms.

SPPO Mid-Year Report Template


Please upload a short report on how your scheme is functioning, any updated plans for 2022, and some evaluation on the first few months of the scheme. The template above can be used for this step.

This report should include;

  • Areas that have gone well
  • Areas that can be improved in the second term of the scheme
  • Actions for term 2
  • Basic information on numbers
  • Actions taken in term 1


Click here to upload your Mid-Year Programme Report.

SPPO Evaluation Form


Please upload your Programme Report and Evaluation. This should include a reflection on the scheme and proposed changes or improvements for the next academic year, evaluation data taken from mentors and/or mentees, and a personal reflection on your role. The template above can be used for this step.

This form should include;

  • What went well
  • What could have been improved
  • Feedback you have gathered from mentors and mentees
  • Actions for the next SPPO
  • Actions taken during the year


Click here to upload your Programme Report and Evaluation.