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Safe Community Charter for Online Learning

Safe Community Charter: what does it mean for online learning?

In Exeter, we expect all staff and students to act with respect, and show consideration and thoughtfulness towards each other. This is reflected in the Safe Community Charter that all students have been asked to abide by. Our expectations apply to behaviour in all teaching sessions, group work and other activities related to teaching and learning.

Teaching and learning online has opened up a vast array of digital tools and opportunities to collaborate with each other, chat instantly, record our progress, and interact in new and exciting ways. We encourage everyone to make full use of all this technology and engage with the opportunities for success that they facilitate.

However, with that opportunity comes responsibility. Our expectations for respect apply online, just as it does in the classroom. As such, we expect our community to follow our simple rules for online etiquette.

Please read the Safe Community Charter for Online Learning.

Please also ensure that you're familiar with the Charter for your campus:

Safe Community Charter (Exeter campuses)

Safe Community Charter (Cornwall campuses)