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Our specialist mental health team can help you get the most out of your studies

About the Mental Health Pathway

The Mental Health Pathway team provide advice and support to students with a range of mental health difficulties. All of the team are registered mental health professionals from a range of backgrounds including mental health nursing, occupational therapy and social work. The role of the Mental Health Pathway is to consider support options and reasonable adjustments for students in relation to how their mental health impacts on their ability to study and manage at University. We also provide comprehensive, ongoing advice and guidance to students with mental health difficulties. With consent, we liaise with relevant others such as GPs, other mental health professionals, and members of staff within the University to facilitate appropriate support.

We would advise getting in touch with us to discuss support if:

  • You have a mental health difficulty that has lasted for a year or is likely to last for a year, e.g. anxiety disorders (panic, social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder), eating difficulties, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, psychoses
  • You have a mental health difficulty and are taking prescribed medication
  • You are experiencing signs or symptoms of a mental health difficulty which are impacting on your ability to study and cope at University

If you are a prospective student, please click here to see information about getting in touch with us.

In most cases, the initial meeting with the Mental Health Pathway will be an appointment to put in place an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This appointment focuses on how your mental health impacts on your ability to study and manage at University and to consider any reasonable adjustments the University may be able to offer to support you. The initial appointment will:

  • Last up to 45 minutes
  • Explore how your mental health difficulty impacts on your course and University life 
  • Consider possible reasonable adjustments whilst you are at University for your teaching and learning needs
  • Discuss liaison with your College where needed and with your consent
  • Give advice and signposting to other relevant support such as Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA)
  • Give advice and information about other support within Wellbeing Services, NHS services and voluntary sectors

Booking a Mental Health ILP appointment

If you think that attending an appointment to discuss an ILP would benefit you, please complete our online form. If you have any difficulties completing the online form, or have any questions or concerns about the ILP process, please see our information about attending a drop-in session

If you already have an ILP in place and would like a further appointment with a Mental Health advisor to review your support, please email with the reason you are requesting this appointment. We will respond to you within 5 working days; if you have not heard from us within this timeframe please call us on 01392 724381. If you require urgent support, please see our information here.

Please note, if you have any general queries about Wellbeing support you can book a Telephone Referral Appointment (TRA) with a practitioner from Wellbeing Services.

After the initial appointment to discuss an ILP, a practitioner may discuss further support options with you. This can include:

  • Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) Band 4 specialist mentor support 
  • Mental health support appointments to explore additional support needs whilst at University
  • Liaison with wider support networks, e.g. your GP and specialist mental health teams, with your consent

Please be aware that to access some of the support listed above you will be required to declare your health as a disability. Click here to find out more about declaring a disability. 

Please contact the Mental Health pathway if you are planning to study abroad or will be studying from a distance so we can discuss your needs and the support options available to you.

If you haven’t had contact with the mental health pathway before please complete the Mental Health Appointment Request Form.

If you have met with the Mental Health pathway before you can email and request to book a mental health appointment. Please explain it is to discuss studying abroad or being a distance learner.

How do I access this Pathway?

Please see our Book an Appointment page for more information.

Please also see further information regarding our drop-in sessions.

If you have any queries please give us a call on 01392 724381 or email