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Peer Support at the University

Peer Support

Peer Support

Peer support is an invaluable form of support for those currently working through difficulties and for those working towards keeping well. They provide us with a safe space to discuss our thoughts and feelings and interact with others who may share similar experiences. Peer support helps us to feel connected and understood and gives us the opportunity to help others, too. 

Exeter Nightline

Exeter Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run by students for students at the University of Exeter. The volunteers are happy to listens to your concerns and worries, whatever they may be, or provide you with information such as a number for a taxi company.

Nightline is currently operating an altered service due to COVID-19; they are available via their Instant Messenger betweem 20:00-01:00 every night during term time. 

You can contact Nightline via:

The telephone number on the back of your student ID card.


University of Exeter Eating Difficulties Peer Support Group

Students at Exeter run peer support sessions for anybody who has difficulties with food and/or body image, and those who are living with eating disorders. The peer support sessions are held weekly during term time. The sessions are pro-recovery and are held in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. They aim to provide support and motivation alongside treatment and are facilitated by trained student volunteers.

You can find out more information by looking at the Eating Difficulties Peer Support Group Facebook page.

Positive Wellbeing Peer Support Group

University of Exeter students are running a Positive Wellbeing peer support group to help support your mental wellbeing. The group aims to promote recovery, social inclusion and personal growth. The hope is to support people experiencing or with experience of low mood, to build broader networks of social support, adopt self-care strategies and to realise that they are not suffering alone.

Please see their Facebook page for further details.

Academic Skills and Student Engagement Team

The Academic Skills and Student Engagement team offer a range of undergraduate peer-led programmes to enrich students’ academic studies and university life. You can find out more information here.