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Study Abroad/Distance Learners Support

Wellbeing Services offers confidential support for students studying at distance from campus who may experience difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing.  Students who may wish to access this support include:

  • Students studying or working abroad
  • Students  completing distance learning courses
  • Students on work placements (abroad or in UK)

Wellbeing Services recognise that participating in study abroad or studying at distance from campus can be an exciting, but also potentially daunting time.  During this period students may face a range of challenges which might include:

  • Culture shock
  • Adjusting to differences within new academic institutions or work placements
  • Having less personal and institutional support than expected
  • Feeling homesick
  • Feeling isolated
  • Language barriers
  • Feeling that study abroad/work placement time is not as anticipated or expected

Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses

Wellbeing Services offer online support from qualified practitioners who aim to help you cope more effectively with personal and/or emotional difficulties that you may be experiencing. Please note that support generally takes place within University term times.  Outside of term times, the available support may be more limited.

Online support offered by Wellbeing Services may include:

Penryn Campus

The Living Support team is available for advice 09:00–17:00 Monday to Friday (UK time).

Students are welcome to call from anywhere in the world on +44 (0) 1326 255341 or email

The team will aim to provide or direct you to support which may include:

  • Finding advice or support in your present location
  • Signposting you to local emergency services
  • Liaising with or referring you to other University staff who can help
  • Links and information about online resources.

There is also a free online tool called SilverCloud, which helps you to manage your mental health and wellbeing. It offers methods that empower you to address depression, anxiety, stress and body image issues. 

When Online Services are not suitable

Wellbeing Services aim to provide efficient and effective support to all students.  Nevertheless, it is acknowledged that when students are abroad or at distance from campus, the support offered by Wellbeing Services, both during and after a session, will be limited by nature of being a remote service. Wellbeing Services are unable to offer an urgent crisis appointment service to students who are not located in Exeter. Students who require urgent medical attention are urged to seek medical support and/or contact emergency services in the area where they are located.