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Accommodation in Exeter

Exeter Halls

Consists of Lopes Hall, Ransom Pickard and Pennsylvania Court

For: Undergraduate students
Located: On Streatham Campus
Room type(s): Standard, En-suite
Catering: Catered

Lopes Hall has 57 standard rooms, the majority of which have a sink. There is approximately one toilet between two, one shower for five and one bath among eight students.

Ransom Pickard is an annexe of Lopes Hall with 64 single standard rooms; all have sinks. There is approximately one toilet for three residents and one shower for four residents.

Pennsylvania Court is an annexe of Lopes Hall with 177 en-suite rooms arranged in clusters of up to nine rooms with a utility room.

Residents must move out during the Christmas and Easter vacations.

Reception contact details

Tel: 01392 725286

Where to collect your post and parcels

Lopes Hall Reception.

About this accommodation

32 week contract length

Library in Lopes Hall

Bookable Common Room includes TV, sofa and vending machines


Laundry facilities

Tennis courts and beautiful green spaces outside Lopes Hall

Bike storage

10 minute walk to centre of Streatham campus

Lopes Hall and Ransom Pickard qualify for the Accommodation Bursary (Home Undergraduate students only)


The prices below are the contract length total per room.

Room type 2022-2023 2023-24 Contract length
Standard £6,417.84 £6,851.00 32 weeks
En-suite £8,581.43 £9,160.45 32 weeks


Bed size

Exeter Halls has single beds (three feet wide) except Pennsylvania Court which has double beds (four feet six inches wide).

Room measurements

  • Lopes Hall: standard rooms are approximately 10.2m2 (3050mm x 3350mm)
  • Ransom Pickard:  single standard rooms are approximately 10.2m2 (2670mm x 3810mm) 
  • Pennsylvania Court: en-suite rooms (including bathroom) are approximately 15.1m2 (2870mm x 5250mm).

These measurements are a guide only. In some residences room sizes vary considerably.

All bedrooms in catered residences have the following:

  • Bed, wardrobe, bookshelves.
  • Shower, washbasin and toilet facilities are only available in en-suite rooms.
  • Desk, chair, desk lamp or built-in lighting, noticeboard and waste bin.
  • Mini fridge
  • High speed wired and wireless network/internet is available from Glide Student. You will need to register online to receive access.
  • No aerial socket in en-suite and studio rooms; students can use a laptop or desktop to watch TV. Please note you will still need a TV Licence to watch live TV or BBC iPlayer from any device.
  • Some of the rooms in Pennsylvania Court have a safe however, there may not be one in every room. If you are allocated a room which does not have a safe when you arrive, it will not be possible for us to provide one in the room.

For details of your room size and specifics of each residence please see the room details tab above.

16 meals per week are included within the contract period for residents of our catered accommodation. This comprises breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday, and breakfast, brunch (weekend lunch) and dinner at weekends. See our meal times below for information about when your meal will be served. Please note that your meal can only be eaten in the dining hall which has been allocated to you.

Please visit our 'about catered halls' webpage for information about the menus which are being served. A number of themed dinners also take place throughout the day e.g. Christmas, Valentines Day, Star Wars Day (4 May) and St Patricks Day etc.

Meal Day/times

7:30 - 9:30am

Continental breakfast

8:00 - 10:30am

8:30 -10:30am

Weekend lunch
Saturday and Sunday:
11:00am - 1:00pm
Dinner* Daily:
5:30pm - 7:30pm

If you have a commitment and are unable to attend the dinner service please use the replacement meal request form.

Weekday lunches can be purchased at one of our many catering outlets.

Vegetarian options are always available. If you have a specific dietary requirement, please speak to our chefs.

Exeter Halls gallery

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The rooms are spacious and the double rooms on each floor were great to chat and get to know your flat.

The catering hall was brilliant to organise nights out with people from Lopes and Pennsylvania court. Being able to try new foods weekly was great, it was reassuring to know I would always have healthy food waiting for me without the stress of shopping and cooking alongside my academic work.

The green spaces near East Park are beautiful, I used to take daily walks through the wooded section with some of my flatmates and in good weather used to read on the picnic tables when the ducklings were out.


Undergraduate student living in Ransom Pickard