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Degree Partnerships

Entain Group

“Our experience with the University of Exeter has been really positive, in fact it’s been seamless.

At Entain Group we had an appetite for Degree Apprenticeships and approached a number of universities, but Exeter were the quickest to respond and provided the most amount of detail on the courses they delivered. The University of Exeter were able to provide useful information such as dates, personal tutors and learning information upfront which made everything very clear for everyone involved including the learner.

As this was our first time embedding the Data Science Degree Apprenticeships into Entain Group, we needed a lot of hand holding to help us through the process. What really stood out for us was the fact that Exeter went above and beyond to provide this service for us. Exeter has made it as easy as possible for our organisation, and having a go-to contact has been a huge help when we’ve needed assistance with the smallest of things such as logging onto the system. I would say to other employers that the University of Exeter has enough experience to guide an employer through the process and really offer the full service.

We started the year aiming to recruit for one programme, and our partnership with the University of Exeter has allowed us to expand this to three programmes thanks to their expertise and knowledge in the area.

Having an apprenticeship embedded in the organisation sets a commercial benchmark which benefits not only the individual and the people they work with, but also the wider department and the organisation as a whole.”

Stephanie, Apprenticeship Manager at Entain Group