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Year 10 Virtual Residential

Year 10 South West & National Virtual Residential

Information about the Year 10 Virtual Residential

This year, due to the ongoing covid-19 situation, the Exeter Scholars Year 10 Residential pathway will be virtual.

The Exeter Scholars Year 10 Virtual Residential will run from Tuesday 19th – Friday 29th April 2022.

  • The first week – Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd April – will include an introductory session and completion of short activities relating to the participants' chosen subject stream (to be completed in the participants' own time).
  • The second week – Monday 25th to Friday 29th April – will build upon these introductory activities with daily group sessions, so that participants can explore their chosen subject stream further. 

You can find the eligibility criteria and the application form here.

There will be four subject streams that applicants can choose from:

In this subject stream, you will explore the importance of Personal Protective Equipment and learn about the roles, priorities, and unexpected side effects of work in some of the most exciting fields of science. You will explore the costs and benefits of different materials, learn about the experiences of experts and students in the field, and finally answer the questions of why hospitals line aprons with lead, why plastic is quite so inescapable, and why a brightly coloured bandana is part of every surgeon's arsenal...!

This subject stream draws on the following subjects: Medicine, Engineering, Physics, Medical Imaging, and Engineering

You will explore ways in which humanities and social sciences subjects – such as Politics, History, Sociology, English, and Philosophy – give a voice to issues surrounding sustainability and the environment, how they are pivotal in understanding and bringing about solutions to the global climate emergency, and the power of young people to make a difference in challenging times of upheaval and change.

This subject stream draws on the following subjects: Politics, History, English / Film and Television Studies, Drama, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Liberal Arts

In this subject stream, you will explore and investigate how and why various animals are becoming at risk of extinction. Has this been caused by Climate Change, Human Intervention, or is it just all natural? You will develop your research and communication skills in this exciting subject stream by answering the question “If you could only save one endangered animal, which would it be?”

This subject stream draws on the following subjects: Biosciences (Animal Behaviour, Conservation Biology and Ecology, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology, Human Sciences, Marine Biology, Zoology) and Geography (Human Geography)

Working as a team of business consultants, you will investigate sustainability issues facing a range of industries. Taking legal considerations into account, you will create impactful solutions and pitch your business strategies.

This subject stream draws on the following subjects: Business, Law, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Economics

Participants are expected to attend all the live, daily group sessions from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th April (inclusive)
These will take place from 17:00–18:00 (5pm–6pm) on Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th April, and from 17:00–18:30 (5pm–6.30pm) on Thursday 28th April. 

Throughout the two weeks, there will be other live sessions – in addition to the group work – that you are expected to attend; these will also be available to watch on our online platform after they take place. You will receive a timetable for the two weeks when your place on the programme is confirmed. The total time commitment across the two weeks will equate to approximately 13 hours.

If you have any concerns about committing to the live group work and sessions, please contact us.