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International students


Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study your particular subject?

I wanted to pick a university that had a great reputation internationally, embodied a sense of community, and would make my time away from my friends and family back home easier - because everyone knows time flies when you’re having fun!

Describe your typical day at Exeter 

A typical day in Exeter involves walking to campus with friends in the morning to attend a lecture in the Forum Auditorium. After the one hour lecture, I meet with friends to get some lunch. There are many food outlets on campus, but Friday's are the best when there are food trucks that are parked outside the Forum and the Great Hall where you have a variety of international cuisine. After lunch, depending on the day, I will either have a seminar or a syndicate meeting to prepare for a seminar. Syndicates are meetings of a set group of your peers, which facilitate understanding, cooperation, and group work to complete the tasks in preparation for a seminar. Seminars are tutor led and combine two syndicate groups. They consolidate the understanding from the lectures, readings, and syndicate meetings with the opportunity to ask questions.

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

There is a very social vibe on campus. Everywhere you go, you see groups of friends hanging out, laughing, sharing a meal, or studying. It is a vibe that is warm and inviting, and feels like you will always find a place to fit in. 

What particular skills are you gaining from this experience, will this help you in your choice if career?

There are many skills involved in becoming a lawyer. You need to be able to work with different personalities, assert your position diplomatically, negotiate, and have pride in the work you produce. I have been a peer mentor in the last academic year where I provided a syndicate of first year students with pastoral and academic advice. This helps build my leadership skills, diplomacy, and working with different individuals. Additionally, I secured a summer vacation scheme in London, which has helped me develop myself a great deal professionally. These will all help once I have qualified as a lawyer, as these experiences not only shape you but also look great on your CV. 

How have you dealt with any difficulties during your time at the University of Exeter? 

I found that England and Canada are not so different, however, there are some differences which can seem daunting at first. When I first arrived at Exeter I found it difficult to understand locals when they spoke quickly. While we’re all speaking English, sometimes it can be tough to catch what people say - especially because there is no one British accent, they vary by region. While it was a bit tough at first, regularly interacting with locals, and listening to professors speak in class will get you used to the accent in no time. A great method of delivery in lectures here are that they are recorded. This was incredibly helpful in the first month when I did not quite catch everything the professor would say in class, I could go back and re-watch the lecture, and even slow it down if I needed to. 

What's the best thing about living in Exeter?

The best thing about living in Exeter is that you are in a great city. It is a beautiful place to live, from the rolling green hills, to the picturesque Quayside. You’re not in London, which is conducive to studying because there are fewer distractions, however, London is not that far away either. There are beaches so close by, a half hour trip can take you to them. Then there are the small, idyllic costal towns like Paignton and the national park Dartmoor.

Would you recommend Exeter to your friends?

I would absolutely recommend Exeter to my friends. The strong reputation of the university speaks for itself, and if they aren’t students, well, a trip to visit Exeter is well worth it for some afternoon cream tea! 

Was there anything about your experiences at Exeter that surprised you?  

Exeter surprised me with the fact that there is so much history. As a foreign student who had not been out of North America prior to coming here to study, I did not know much about cities other than London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester and so on. The city constantly surprises me and even after two years in Exeter, there is still more to see.

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