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International students


Why did you choose the University of Exeter?

The first reason is its reputation and ranking. And Exeter is a nice and liveable city compared to other cities in the UK, it has nice weather and kind people here as well. 

What is your favourite memory of Exeter so far?

I think it is the moments when I get some encouragement from teachers and classmates, because I was a more introverted girl who lacked self-confidence before I was exposed to this kind of encouraging education. And I think I will always keep this feeling deep in my mind.

By studying with students come from all over the world, I have a deeper understanding of globalisation. That means, if I work in a multinational company or a foreign country in the future, this experience can help me integrate with my colleagues well.

Why would you recommend studying at the University of Exeter?

Because of the top ranking and its good reputation, the students here are highly capable and globally competitive.

What are the best things about Exeter as a city?

Exeter is a beautiful city. The weather in Exeter is more comfortable compared with the northern cities, and has more sunshine than I thought, so you can often go outdoors with friends on weekends. More importantly, Exeter is the one of the safest city in UK, people are friendly and lovely, you can find that they always smile. Sometimes you can even chat with them just like you have met before, and I think it is a good way to improve English skills and engage in the local culture.

What activities and societies have you joined?

Last year I was a member of the Sports Centre and I also joined in the Taekwondo society as it is my favourite sport. Also, this year I intend to try something different, like volunteering to take care of dogs and doing some yoga sessions to help me relax.

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