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International students


What were your motivations for choosing your course? 

Having started working as a teacher of English I could see that children became more motivated and interested in learning when I used creative teaching methods. I thus wanted to improve my creativity as a teacher. The fact that the arts were a main focus of the course made me become more inclined to choose it as apart from my personal interest in art forms, I also felt that students would benefit if I integrated drama, dance, music and visual arts in to my teaching.  

Since only the University of Exeter offered such a highly interesting and unique course and I could not find creativity combined with the arts anywhere else, I decided to study at the University of Exeter. What is more, I took into consideration the rankings of Universities in the UK. The University of Exeter had a really good place in the rankings, which made me feel more confident about my choice.  

What do you enjoy most about the course and the University?

What I enjoy the most about my course is that I not only feel very empowered to integrate the arts and creativity in my teaching but I also feel capable to support other teachers on how to do it. Visits to creative schools, galleries and school placements have given me interesting ideas on making the arts a part of my curriculum.  

Career support schemes, well-being services and friendly staff are some of the things that make the University unique. Another thing that I like about the University is the warm environment it created for us right from the first weeks. We all felt very welcome and part of a community.  

Do you have any plans for after you graduate?

I am planning to work in a creative school in Greece so that I can put into practice the highly creative ideas I have earned. I would also like to work as a part-time arts facilitator supporting other teachers to work more creatively and in the arts, something I had never thought I could do before. What is more, if I could collaborate with museums in order to create creative educational projects, it would be brilliant. 

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