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I was an undergraduate in MEng Renewable Energy and am now finishing my PhD in Physics after 8 years at the University. Before joining, I was very excited yet nervous about exploring the unknown and meeting new people. My Masters course was uniquely designed by the University to cover all perspectives on renewable energy. It had been my dream to study the course based at the Penryn Campus.  The Penryn Campus in Cornwall is full of nature, I love the work-life balance that it gives and I made many friends with similar mindsets.

Towards the end of my Masters, the Doctoral College promoted a funding opportunity for graduates so I could pursue a higher level of education with a PhD in Physics at Streatham Campus. Changes in location and discipline could be overwhelming. However, my supervisor and co-workers, whom I am also proud to call friends, helped me a lot through stressful times. I especially appreciated the vast social network with other faculties and the support from the university when I caught COVID. Undoubtedly, there were many ups and downs throughout my educational journey but the University of Exeter provided the resources and environment to resolve the unexpected.

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