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Why did you choose the University of Exeter? 

There are 250+ societies at the University and I had been pretty involved in those societies back in the foundation year and had a good time, therefore, I wanted to progress to the University and get further involved in these. In my first year I was in the committee for 4 societies and gained a wide range of soft skills, including leadership, communication and organisational skills, plus unforgettable experiences.

I also chose Exeter as it is one of the greenest campuses across the UK. It feels comfortable to study on this great campus. Besides, the people are generally really kind in Exeter, including at the University. People are pretty close here and it honestly feels like a family.

What do you enjoy most about the University?

The campus/ university life. It is a really diverse university, with students from 130+ countries. There are 250+ societies at the University where anyone can further develop their interests and meet with some of your best ever friends. The University has invested a lot of money and effort to celebrate this great diversity, which pulls people from all different countries closer by holding events and campaigns. To name a few, Diwali, Chinese New Year celebration and Holi events. Everyone has a great time and an unforgettable university life. 

Although Exeter is a small city in the United Kingdom, I believe everyone could easily find their own fit at the university/ campus through different events, groups and programmes.

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