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Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study your particular subject?

The University is a Russell Group University, it is well equipped and the city of Exeter is safe and very welcoming.

Why did you choose your current programme of study?

I have always been interested in the field of business and want to continue my family business; this was the obvious choice of study.

What do you enjoy most about your programme of study?

It is a very practical course and provides lots of hands on experience, we get to see the real-life correlation between our studies and the functioning of an organisation.

What is the best thing about studying with students from all around the world?

I enjoy the different perspectives on different topics, along with a different education system which helped us study together and understand the topics better as some people were better at certain topics compared to others.

Are you a member of any University clubs or societies?

I am part of the UNICEF Society, International Society, Asian Society, Women in Business and Expenditure Society.

What do you enjoy doing in Exeter and where is your favourite place to go?

The Quayside, the clubs and the local parks are where I spend most of my free time. Exeter is a very green city and I love walking around Exeter and meeting new people.

On campus, it is the Library and the Forum, as there is always something happening. The library is the best facility, as it is the perfect place to study as well as do group work.

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