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I chose to study for my masters at the University of Exeter because of the robust structure of the curriculum for my course, Finance & Investment, as well as the reputation the Business school has built over the years for high quality training and excellent facilities. The high ranking the University has achieved, not only in the UK but globally in recent years attests to this, and these were important considerations in my choice.

Before I started my postgraduate degree, I obtained a BSc and MSc in Agriculture, going on to attain professional training and certifications in Accounting and Stockbroking. After taking this leave of study I will return to Nigeria, where I still have an employment contract, taking the opportunity to apply what I have learnt to benefit my organisation, my goal for the future is to pursue a Doctoral programme in Finance.

The University of Exeter presents an outstanding environment for academic excellence. I’ve had the opportunity of interacting with lecturers who are experts in their respective fields and who proved their worth by the quality of their delivery. The structure of the programme makes finance a very practical course, and although I have enjoyed all my modules so far, the financial modelling module stands out because it demonstrates the real life application of several theoretical concepts I have learnt over the years. I would recommend the University of Exeter to any prospective student who is interested in getting excellent training in a very good environment.

I have found the Business School’s dedicated career zone very helpful, I particularly enjoyed a session which focused on creating an outstanding CV, from which I gained a lot of new insights. They also helped me to explore the Finance and Investment career opportunities available in the UK, I am absolutely confident that my postgraduate course will enhance my employability and future career prospect because of the many transferable skills it has helped me to develop.

I had read about the scenic beauty of Exeter’s Streatham Campus before I came here to study, and I was not disappointed when I arrived. I love the touch of nature that is evident everywhere, as well as the friendly, quiet and safe environment the University provides for stimulating academic life. I particularly enjoy visiting Exeter’s city centre because it is indeed a ‘city’, hosting a wide array of well-known retailers, it reminds me of Lagos, the energetic and bustling city where I live in Nigeria.

I am currently a member of the World Music Choir, a society where we enjoy learning and singing beautiful songs from all over the world. It is a very warm and friendly group, which adds value to the local community by supporting worthy causes throughout the year.

I have been lucky enough to secure the Chevening Scholarship, jointly awarded by the UK government and the University of Exeter, one of the many scholarships available to help support students. I am also a 2017 CISI Educational Trust Award winner, nominated by the University of Exeter Business School, an award of excellence given by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment to Finance students of CISI partner universities.

I would like to thank the University of Exeter Business School for the experience I have enjoyed here so far.

Can you sum up your Exeter experience in four words?

It’s been wonderful, fulfilling!

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