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Why did you choose Exeter?

The Camborne School of Mines is one of the most prestigious institutions for mining training in the world, it was a no brainer to choose Exeter over other schools in the region.  

Why did you pick this course?

I currently work in the mineral industry with experience in many parts of the commodity lifecycle starting backwards from commodity trading to exploration and mining. Joining the program was an opportunity to gain deeper insights and academic knowledge to better understand some of the principles. 

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content?

We are fortunate to have been taught by the Head of CSM, Prof. Kip Jeffrey. His experience both academically and his experience on the field has made the teaching delightful. It has been excellent. Perhaps, I can say that the discovery module has been my favourite module.

How have you found the support services and the facilities? 

Everything has been great so far. We get timely support and detailed feedback.

Have there been any challenges?

The main challenges I had was time management because I work full time and manage a family with 2 children together with my spouse. Prospective students must realise that the graduate programs are intensive and therefore must plan their time efficiently to enable themselves to get the best out of their studies.

How well supported have you felt during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Even though my studies were remote, I still received a global commitment scholarship from the university to assist students with the impact of COVID-19. This was totally unexpected and was very helpful. 

What has been the highlight of your studies?

Meeting and developing fantastic relationships with course mates who were halfway across the world was something special. I did not feel as if my experiences were limited in any way even though I studied mostly online and we had some of our residentials cancelled as a result of COVID 19. 

Do you feel your course will enhance your employability?


What advice would you give to a prospective student considering your course?

Not only is the university prestigious, the quality of the teaching and course material is worth every expense. If you’re in the Mining industry and want to be a recognized professional – there is no better university in Europe or Africa. If you’re thinking about joining Exeter, just go ahead and apply. Beautiful memories await.

Is there anything you wish someone told you when you were joining Exeter?

I wished I knew that the workload was intense. But I’m glad anyway.

Sum up your experience at Exeter in just four words:

My most important decision

What are you plans after finishing your course? 

I will continue look for better opportunities in larger mining companies in more developed mining jurisdictions where I feel I can make a bigger impact. 

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