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International students


I chose the MA Creative Arts in Education programme because it connects creativity and the arts (visual art, music, drama, dance) and this interested me a lot; I liked the possibility of being able to study not just arts education but arts in relation to other aspects such as policy and technology.  

It was nice studying in a small group of students, this helped us to build a very healthy relationship with peers and to have a deeper/profound discussion with the lecturer or fellow classmates.  

There were various opportunities which allowed us to connect theory and personal experience or to broaden and refine our knowledge in the arts. Workshops with hands-on activities and ideas helped us “make sense” of the theory quickly, not to mention the field trip to schools that gave us jaw-dropping as well as inspirational experiences.  

Studying in this programme has broadened my perspective and refined my understanding of arts education. It provided me with the chance to deeply reflect on my own experiences during the class discussions and in assignments. If not for the Issues of Policy module I would never have researched the policy of art education of Taiwan, and this truly helped me "re-understand" the current status of the arts in Taiwan.   

For those who would like to further their knowledge in arts education, this course is definitely a good choice. Studying in this programme allows you to hear different voices/perspectives from books, your peers, lecturers or teachers, which is an excellent way to refine our understanding towards art education. 

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