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Standalone modules

Ideal for those looking to deepen their knowledge in a specific area, or to test the water before committing to a postgraduate qualification, our standalone modules can later be combined and counted towards the full programme, at either PGCert, PGDip or Masters level.

Worth 30 credits each, these modules cost £2,500 each and form part of the MSc Business Transformations syllabus and are assessed at this level. While there are no specific entry criteria for standalone modules, students are expected to have an appropriate level of further education and/or industry experience prior to commencing study.


The following modules are available for the January 2022 start date.

With consumers, producers, investors, governments and media ever more concerned about sustainable development, our Environmental Economics course is tailored specifically to enable you to assess both businesses’ and countries’ performances in achieving sustainable development. It will also guide you in the adaptation and transformation of corporate business models and government policy frameworks, so as to align them, as far as possible, with pre-eminent environmental metrics. In addition, this module will assist you in seeking answers to three broad contemporary questions:

  1. What are the causes of environmental problems?
  2. How do we evaluate the economic significance of environmental degradation and/or improvements?
  3. How do we, via the design of economic incentives and disincentives, slow down or stop environmental degradation as well as ensure the material improvement of our natural environment?

Addressing the opportunities and challenges of the digital economy is now a critical priority for the UK’s future competitiveness. For established organisations, digital transformation through responsible and sustainable approaches to innovation is as much about culture change as it is new technology. Agile and entrepreneurial competitors are reconfiguring whole industry structures, developing new products and services, and raising customer expectations of service quality.

In this module you will evaluate the re-imagining of business practices, re-alignment of operations toward core values, and the network-building between stakeholders that is necessary for success in our rapidly changing society.