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Mathematical Finance with Professional Placement (2023)

1. Programme Title:

Mathematical Finance with Professional Placement

NQF Level:


2. Description of the Programme (as in the Business Approval Form)

3. Educational Aims of the Programme

4. Programme Structure

5. Programme Modules

Stage 1

Code Title Credits Compulsory NonCondonable
MTHM059Case Studies in Mathematical Finance30YesNo
MTHM002Methods for Stochastics and Finance15YesNo
MTHM003Analysis and Computation for Finance15YesNo
BEAM047Fundamentals of Financial Management15YesNo
MTHM006Mathematical Theory of Option Pricing 15YesNo
Select 30 credits from the following modules
BEAM029Topics in Financial Economics 15NoNo
BEAM031Financial Instruments 15NoNo
BEAM032Investment Analysis 1 15NoNo
BEAM033Banking and Financial Services 15NoNo
BEAM035Derivatives Pricing 15NoNo
BEAM036Domestic and International Portfolio Management 15NoNo
BEAM038Investment Analysis II 15NoNo
BEAM046Financial Modelling 15NoNo
BEAM050Advanced Corporate Finance 15NoNo
BEAM078Applied Empirical Accounting and Finance 15NoNo
BEEM012Applied Econometrics 2 15NoNo
BEEM011Applied Econometrics 115NoNo
MTHM048Ergodic Theory15NoNo

90 credits of compulsory modules, 30 credits of optional modules

Stage 2

Code Title Credits Compulsory NonCondonable
MTHM060Actuarial and Mathematical Finance Project60YesYes
MTHM053MSc Professional Placement60YesYes

120 credits

6. Programme Outcomes Linked to Teaching, Learning & Assessment Methods

On successfully completing the programme you will be able to: Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) will be accommodated & facilitated by the following learning & teaching and evidenced by the following assessment methods:

A Specialised Subject Skills & Knowledge

Learning & Teaching Activities

Assessment Methods

B Academic Discipline Core Skills & Knowledge

Learning & Teaching Activities

Assessment Methods

C Personal / Transferable / Employment Skills & Knowledge

Learning & Teaching Activities

Assessment Methods

7. Programme Regulations

8. College Support for Students and Students' Learning

10. Admission Criteria

11. Regulation of Assessment and Academic Standards

12. Indicators of Quality and Standards

14 Awarding Institution University of Exeter
15 Lead College / Teaching Institution Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy
16 Partner College / Institution
17 Programme accredited/validated by
18 Final Award(s) MSc
19 UCAS Code (UG programmes) TEMPMATHS
20 NQF Level of Final Awards(s): 7
21 Credit (CATS and ECTS) 180/90
22 QAA Subject Benchmarking Group (UG and PGT programmes)
23 Origin Date September 20th 2023 Last Date of Revision: September 20th 2023