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Teachers and advisers

University of Exeter participant registration form

Thank you for your interest in University of Exeter online activities. Please read the sections below to find out what we need you to do next.

Registering Your Participation 

If you have been asked to visit this page in order to register for an event (or programme of events), or because you have just taken part, we thank you in advance for telling us a bit about you to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our activity. Please now complete the registration form below.

Register your interest

If you want to find out more about how we use the data collected in this form, in addition to keeping in touch, please read our data usage information flyer.

  • If you are a teacher/adviser, please write 'Teacher/adviser' next to 'Year Group'
  • If you are a mature student considering going back into education, just put N/A for 'School' and 'Not currently in education' for 'Year Group'
  • If you are a current University of Exeter student or member of staff, please write 'University of Exeter' next to 'School', and 'Student' or 'Staff' next to 'Year Group'