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Undergraduate Study


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Professional training year in the UK or abroad

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Small group learning

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Research-inspired teaching

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Interdisciplinary learning

Degrees at St Luke's / Streatham Campus, Exeter

Right now, as you read this, environmental stimuli are being detected, converted to electrical signals, and passed throughout your nervous system.

Our Neuroscience course has been carefully designed to share with you the latest ideas about how biological processes in nervous tissues enable the life we see around us, and experience ourselves.

Understanding these processes better could transform healthcare – and illuminate what it means to be human. These are substantial challenges. To meet them, we use small-group teaching throughout the course to help you develop your subject knowledge and capacity for critical thinking.

Underpinning this is our central commitment to research-engaged teaching. We do not want to simply share information with you; we want you to be part of the process of scientific discovery.

"I’ve enjoyed the course immensely, finding it challenging yet thought provoking, and my favourite part of the course so far has been the small group learning sessions, helping to develop our knowledge of human physiology."


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