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Pre-arrival and arrival information

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Exeter.  Please read the information below carefully.

  1. Read your pre-arrival support emails. Students joining in September will receive approximately one per month from July onwards. Students joining in January will receive two before Christmas, from early November onwards.
  2. Visit the International Student Support webpages - the 'before you arrive' and 'when you arrive' pages will answer many of your questions and it is here that you will find the International Welcome Programme. Remember to book your 'meet and greet' airport collection service (if applicable) and take advantage of the Global Chums Mentoring Scheme (where available).
  3. The Orientation Programme for each campus includes Welcome Talks and information sessions. These provide essential information about your academic studies and the support available to you. There are also opportunities for you to make changes to your modules if required. See 'module allocation' below for dates and times.


Our January 2022 Online Orientation Programme is available here:

Inbound Orientation Programme | January 2022 | University of Exeter

It contains plenty of useful information regarding academic matters, support, and the student experience - socieities, sport and more.


Further details on arrival, orientation, and the full International Welcome Programme are on the When you arrive in Exeter webpages.

An early arrivals 'Meet and Greet' will take place on Friday 14th January.  See the programme for details.



Details on arrival and orientation, including the full International Welcome Programme, are on the When you arrive in Cornwall webpages.

Please be sure to come to the following session, which will give you vital information for your time as an inbound exchange student:


You will have been contacted by the Inbound Team regarding your module choices.  The team are holding Module Drop-Ins, 14:00-16:00, from Monday 17th January to Friday 21st January.  You can come and ask any questions you may have regarding your module choices, timetables and paperwork.  Students without a full study load will be prioritised.  Students with a full study load should make any changes via the Add/Drop process. 

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th the drop-ins will take place in the Forum building, Seminar Room 10 The America Room.  From Wednesday 19th they will take place in the Peter Chalk Building Room 1.1.   

Exeter-based (Streatham and St Luke's Campuses)


College/SchoolDisciplineAcademic ContactsModules & Study Support
Business School Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management Studies, Organisation Studies



Global Opportunities Inbound Team


Humanities (HUMS) Archaeology, Art History & Visual Culture, Classics & Ancient History, Drama, English, Film, History, Modern Languages, Theolgy & Religion, Foreign Language Centre
Social Sciences & International Studies Arab & Islamic Studies, Law, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy & Anthropology
Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences (EMPS) Engineering Dr Anna Baldycheva and



Flexible Combined Honours   Tim Seelig and Professor Marion Gibson


Life & Environmental Sciences (LES) Biosciences Dr Tetsu Kudoh


  Geography Dr Dunia Urrego

Geography based students:


Sport and Health Sciences

Dr Brad Metcalf


Penryn Campus

Biosciences, Business, Geography, History, English, Mathematics, Geology, Renewable Energy, Mining, Law, Politics

Rachel Scofield


 *Flexible Combined Honours: European exchange students studying at the University of Exeter through a 'Broad General Programmes' partnership agreement will be homed with our Flexible Combined Honours Department. Study Abroad and International Exchange students who request to study modules (courses) in many different departments may be homed in our Flexible Combined Honours Department. This department permits students to study two to three different subjects however students cannot study more than half their modules in one subject area.

For advice on module changes please contact the Inbound Team at, you can also refer to Module Change Guidance

We are running Module Drop-Ins during Orientation to help you with any questions you may have about your study programme.  These will run from Monday 17th January to Friday 21st January, 14:00-16:00.
On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th these will take place in the Forum building, Seminar Room 10 the America Room.  From Wednesday 19th these will take place in the Peter Chalk building, room1.1

Please note: You should check the deadline for module changes.  NO changes can be made after this.  There are NO exceptions. 

Helpful links

Info Point Contact Information:

My Timetable Guidance:

Module Timetables:

We understand that the pandemic situation in your home country may mean you have to join us at a different time.  

If you will be arriving late you must notify the Inbound Team