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From being a mentor I have gained an insight into new cultures and have gained leadership skills in helping and answering my chums questions... I have also learnt many new things about the city from showing my chums around!


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Student life

Student life

Student life

Studying is just part of your university experience. There are a number of ways to make the most of your time in the UK, meet local people and get to know your new home:

Exeter-based students

Check out the list of societies and groups and sports clubs available on campus, see what the Students' Guild have planned in the 'What's On' section across campus.

Penryn-based students

Check out the list of societies and groups available on campus, see what Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union have planned in the 'What's On' section across campus.

Volunteering is a great way to boost your CV, develop skills, gain experience, make contacts and give something back to the community. Don't forget that most voluntary work counts towards the Exeter Award.

  • Have you considered getting involved in the events on your campus?
  • See what other volunteering opportunities are available through the Students' Guild and The Students' Union.

If you have a visa please check whether volunteering is permitted by emailing 

Applying for Grand Challenges or the Professional Pathways scheme , both of which run at the start of summer, is a great way to develop expertise in a specific area.

You may be interested in finding part-time work alongside your studies, as long as your visa allows it.  You can read our tips on working in the UK for International Students online and look into our CareerZone service for live vacancies.  If you find part-time or casual work at the University, you will need to register via eClaims.

Join a community group – for example The Global Centre in Exeter

Events on campus

We host a number of cultural events across our campuses, often open to local residents too.

Events in Exeter

The University, in collaboration with Student's Guild societies, supports a number of cultural events on campus throughout the year. We support groups of students who wish to celebrate national, cultural or religious events across campus.  In previous years we have helped students to celebrate Diwali, Thanksgiving, and Chinese New Year.  All events are open to students and staff, and some events are open to the public where noted.

Events will be added throughout the year and publicised through Your International News and News In Brief.

For your diary:
Diwali Campus celebrations, Sunday 14 November 2021

Events in Cornwall

The International Student Experience Group is made up of members from both universities on campus, The Students' Union, the International Society and FXPlus and provides a range of events to celebrate our diverse campus. Some of our main events are highlighted below.

We also support groups of students who wish to celebrate national, cultural or religious events across campus. In previous years we have helped students to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Diwali, Chinese New Year & Norwegian Constitution Day. 

Contact if you’d like support with planning and celebrating an event. This year's events will be publicised through the 'Your International News' newsletter.

Photo credit: Geraint Roberts/MAYN Creative

International Students Day - November

Celebrated with an event designed to help international students meet each other and share aspects of their culture with students from the UK.

Christmas Day Lunch

Students on campus are encouraged to meet for an afternoon of food, games and music in one of the cottages on site.

Photo credit: Geraint Roberts/MAYN Creative

International Mother Language Day – February

Celebrating the diverse range of languages present in our student population.

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Society Events

The various societies on campus also hold events to celebrate key cultural, national and religious events through the year. You can find a list of events through The Students' Union, or contact the societies directly.

Photo credit: Peter Flude/MAYN Creative

International Summer Picnic

Welcome in the summer holidays with a final chance to catch up before you go off on your travels home or across Europe.