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In order to prepare you for your Study Abroad experience, this year we have started pre-application and pre-arrival webinars for the first time ever! Here you will be able to meet us virtually, ask any questions you may have and find out all about the campus and life in Devon or Cornwall.

Psychology Partners

We have secured new Psychology partners this year and are looking forward to welcoming students from more Universities. If you wish to study Psychology here please check that your University has a subject-specific agreement with us or check out our list of psychology-related modules here under Exeter Campuses modules!

Inbound ELE Page

This year we have created an ELE page specifically for Inbound students. As you will find when you arrive, ELE pages usually hold information for academic modules and courses online. We have now made our own to centralise all useful information for visiting students, including everything from academic support to the best places to see in Penryn and Exeter!

Societies in Isolation

The University of Exeter is committed to facilitating great student experience. While most teams are working remotely (off campus), we have all been contributing to adapting our resources so they are available online! This includes our Student Guild extra-curricular societies so that you can still participate virtually.

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges is a week at the end of the academic year where you develop a project and work in interdisciplinary groups to create solutions to real-world problems. You will attend talks from academic speakers who are leaders in their fields of research and develop transferable skills that will boost your employability. This year, Challenges Online is running remotely so students can still benefit from this amazing opportunity.

Intercultural Communication Workshops

Our team places high emphasis on student integration, which is why we have collaborated with popular societies and teams that help international students to bring you Intercultural Communication sessions. You will be able to sign up to these online and meet like-minded exchange and home students. It is a great way to make friends from Exeter, develop your global employability skills and understand differences in cultures!

British Cultures: The Exeter Seminar

A new module created exclusively for, and in consultation with English Literature major students.  British Cultures: The Exeter Seminar will provide a critical introduction to some familiar and not so familiar aspects of British Culture including study of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Kate Tempest and much more. Semester two only.

Business programmes at Penryn Campus, Cornwall

Career-focused business and management modules with an ethos of ethics and sustainability, designed to address the challenges in growing businesses in the current climate changing era.

January pre-orientation welcome event

Allow yourself extra time to settle into your new surroundings (and recover from jet lag) by joining us at our welcome event on the Friday before orientation and classes begin.  With campus tours, visa documentation checks and a Q and A session complete, you can relax over the weekend, ready to start your studies at Exeter!

Careers Forever - graduate access to Exeter's online career platform

Access career advice, internship opportunities and graduate level work resources long after your placement at Exeter draws to a close.

Paid internship opportunities

Nine unique programmes running at the end of semester two which include one week of training and a one week paid internship.  Networking opportunities with professionals in the fields of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Charity and Development, Digital Innovation, International Trade, Marketing, Politics, Government and the Public Sector as well as Sport and Health.

  • Accounting - a partnership with ACCA, the global body for professional accountants
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage - Work at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (awarded Museum of the year 2012) to gain an insight into the different roles in the arts, culture and heritage sector
  • Charity and Development - Explore a range of work from volunteer management, advocacy, campaigning, humanitarian emergency response, fundraising and marketing.
  • Digital Innovation - Explore the disruptive technology which has changed the way we live, work and play.  Gain an understanding of gamification, app development and the technology behind social media.
  • International Trade - Introducing international trade, market entry strategy, cross cultural competence and e-exporting, this is an opportunity to work on real life business projects from the Department of International Trade.
  • Marketing - Explore the numerous career options available including market research, promotion and PR, sales, understanding market factors and strategy as well as the more practical application of this field.
  • Politics, Government and the Public Sector - Outlining some of the challenges of the sector and an insight to the varied career options available.
  • Sport and Health - Explore community initiatives, sports marketing and how sport can benefit both the economy and public health agenda.