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2021-22 Global Mobility FAQs (COVID-19 and Brexit)

Where it is safe and practicable we will support your decision to attend an in-country placement whether that be for study or work abroad providing the necessary risk assessments and FCDO guidance permit travel.   

We appreciate all placements are different and students will need bespoke guidance, if you have any concerns or queries please contact and we will be happy to set up a call to discuss your situation. 

No, this is not a possibility. This has been given thorough consideration by the University of Exeter but for a number of reasons including logistics, student workload and partner agreements, you will not be able to defer your placement to the following year

Please contact informing them of your withdrawal and request to revert back to the non – study/work abroad programmeyour Hub will follow up with you to complete the necessary paperwork and to make arrangements for next academic year. 

If during the placement year you experience further disruption due to COVID 19 you can interrupt your placement and revert to the three year (or 4 year equivalent) non-study abroad programme variant starting your final year in September 2022.  

Please note that for students of Modern Languages, for which the Year Abroad is a compulsory element of the degree, withdrawal can only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Modern Languages department. 

For placements of a semester or year in length it will not be possible to take up a placement abroad if you have withdrawn from the programme.   

However we do support students to attend a wide range of Summer Schools and short placements with our exchange partners, and non-partner institutions, more information can be found here:  

This will not be possible due to the limited quota of spaces provided year on year at each partner university.   

If however your degree programme has a work placement variant we can support you to find a work placement either abroad or in the UK. You can find out more about the services on offer by visiting My Career Zone or contacting your placement team for information on changes to the support for your module. 

For Streatham and St Lukes based students: 

For Penryn based students:  

If you decide to remain on the four-year (or five year equivalent) programme your tuition fee will be as below. Please note this tuition fee will still apply regardless of whether you:

  • are able to go abroad as planned
  • follow host university distance learning
  • undertake host employer distance working
  • take 'elective' Exeter modules
  • do a combination of the above
Placement typeTuition fee

One semester study abroad
One semester work abroad

Your annual tuition fee to Exeter
One year study abroad*
One year work abroad (Europe)
15% of your annual tuition fee to Exeter

Combined placement: one semester study + one semester work abroad
Combined placement: two, one semester study abroad placements
Combined placement: two, one semester work abroad placements (Europe)

15% of your annual tuition fee to Exeter
One-year international work (rest of world) 20% of your annual tuition fee to Exeter
Combined placement: one semester European work or study + one semester international work or study 15% of your annual tuition fee to Exeter

If you revert to the three year (or four year equivalent) of your programme you will pay your usual tuition fee for that year.

*Students on the MPhysics with Study in Australia/New Zealand/North America programme should refer to College guidance for further details.

If you have to return home due to Covid-19, there will be mitigation procedures in place which reflect the circumstances and duration of the disruption and remains fair for all students.  In the first instacne, please emial the Outbound Team



If restrictions prevent you from undertaking your Study Abroad placement in person or via distance learning, then you will not be awarded a 'with Study Abroad' degree.

You will be awarded a different degree title that will reflect the academic work you have undertaken at the University of Exeter during the 2020/21 year.

If restrictions prevent you from undertaking your Work Abroad placement in person or via distance working, then you will not be awarded a 'with Work Abroad' degree.

You will be awarded a different degree title that will reflect the academic work you have undertaken at the University of Exeter during the 2020/21 year.

If you remain in the UK during term one (semester one) and then attend a placement abroad in terms two and three (semester two) you will receive the UK rate for term one and the abroad rate for terms two and three.  If you remain in the UK throughout the academic year and participate in distance learning you will receive the UK rate.

This will be the same for means tested and non-means tested students.

Please note that we are awaiting further information from the Department for Education and the Student Loans Company, when this is available we will update this page.

Biosciences (Exeter Campus) Dr Sam Stevens
Biosciences (Penryn Campus) Dr Chris Laing
Business School Mihaela Bishop
Engineering Dr Khurram Wadee
English (with Study in North America)  Dr Rob Turner 
Flexible Combined Honours Please contact the subject lead for the Study Abroad module you are enrolled on.

Geography (Exeter Campus) Dr Angela Gallego-Sala
Geography (Penryn Campus) Dr Chris Laing
Humanities (Exeter Campus) Alice Farris
Humanities (Penryn Campus) Natalie Pollard
Law Dr Karen Walsh 
Mathematics Prof Pierre Friedlingstein
Modern Languages Prof Chloe Paver
Natural Sciences Prof Geoff Nash
Physics Dr Charles Williams
Psychology Dr Cris Burgess
Renewable Energy Dr Philipp Thies
Social Sciences Dr Amy McKay
Sports and Health Sciences Dr Brad Metcalf

Travel insurance with emergency medical cover is compulsory for all Exeter students on Study Abroad. 

You may be aware that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) began lifting restrictions, however, it is important to note that the lifting of restrictions does not mean it is safe to resume travel in the same way as before. The University travel insurance policy and those of many other insurance providers continues to have exclusions around delays, cancellations or incidents related to COVID-19 - it is extremely unlikely that there would be cover in place for financial loss due to trips cancelled specifically due to COVID-19. This increases the risk to those travelling and you could find yourself with a significant medical bill or travel cancellation costs to pay.

When purchasing travel insurance you will need to make sure that you are covered for the entirety of the time you are away and we will ask for proof of this in the forms you need to complete for us. You can use any insurance company you wish, but you may want to consider the University of Exeter Undergraduate Travel Insurance, as we know this is comprehensive. If you are going to a European country, we would also recommend getting the student GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card), but this will be in addition to an insurance policy.

Please also note that travel insurance with emergency medical cover will not cover routine doctor visits, medicines, vaccinations or tests. We strongly recommend that you also take out a personal health insurance policy for the duration of your placement in addition to the travel insurance policy (and GHIC). This is especially important for students with underlying health conditions.


There may be situations where it will not be safe for you to travel when your mobility is due to commence. If this is the case, please get in touch with and we can discuss your options for a virtual start.  

A number of partners have cancelled semester one incoming exchange. However, some have offered online learning and the option to join the institution when it is safe to do so.  

If your placement has been cancelled in its entirety there may be an option for to work abroad, if this is something you would like to pursue please contact