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United Nations Institute for Training and Research - Online Global Leaders Programme

Global Leaders Programme - United Nations Future of Work

About the Programme

The world is currently undergoing a period with limited opportunities to engage in training activities with a face-to-face component. UNITAR therefore designed a specific Online Training Programme to keep on bringing the United Nations and its principles closer to the hearts and minds of participants.

The UN Future of Work Online Training Programme`s primary purpose is to provide participants with the professional as well as emotional knowledge, skills and attitudes which they will require in the rapidly changing working world of the 21st century.

In line with UNITAR’s mandate, this programme also aspires to enhance participants’ expertise in the areas of international affairs and diplomacy. This will enable them to work more effectively and efficiently in any multilateral environment.

Programme Content

The Future of Work is a complex topic that might involve a whole series of sub-topics. For the Future of Work Online Training Programme, this programme offers a number of e-Learning modules and live components from four main subject areas:

➢ The UN Work Environment
Participants learn about the United Nations and its agencies, particularly the International Labour Organization (ILO), as well as about the work life and career opportunities in the UN.

➢ Climate Change and the SDGs
Participants obtain knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate change and other pressing environmental issues affecting us and our way of working.

➢ Digitalization and Technology
Participants will be able to get to know the key topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity or other areas in which new technologies leave an impact on our societies.

➢ Skills for the Future
Participants have the chance to acquire new skills necessary for future labour markets, including digital marketing, social media campaigning or public speaking skills in a virtual environment.

What is the time commitment for this programme?

The overall workload during the four week-long course is between 40 – 45 hours. Distributed across the three main elements of the training programme, the estimated workload is shown below. Please note that this is an estimate and students are free to spend more time or less with these components. All programme content is asynchronous. 

E-Learning Modules:

Week 1: Conference Diplomacy

Week 2: Human Rights, Climate Change and SDGs

Week 3: Cybersecurity

Week 4: Cosmopolitan Communication

Week 1 :

3 hr virtual guided tour Inside the UN Palace of Nations

1.5 hr live webinar The ILO and the Future of Work

Week 2:

3 hr e-workshop The Sustainable Development Goals

1.5 hr live-webinar UN Career Development and Entry Points

Week 3:

3 hr e-workshop AI, Big Data and Machine Learning

1.5 hour virtual guided tour Inside International Geneva

Week 4:

3 hr e-workshop Assertiveness and Influencing

1.5 hr live webinar Final Reflection and Closing ceremony


When will it take place?

This programme will run from the 23rd of August to the 17th of September


Eligibility Criteria - please ensure you meet all of the below before submitting an application

  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Exeter and your graduation date is not earlier than 2022
  • Additional Criteria: Meet one or more of the Widening Participation Criteria 2020/21


There is no programme fee for successful applicants to this programme. 

How do I apply?

You can submit an application here. The application deadline for this programme is Midnight on Sunday the 15th of August. 

 Please direct all additional enquiries to Leanne at