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Online Global Leaders - Build Back Better in Bucharest

Global Leaders Programme - Build Back Better with Petrus Communications

About the Programme

This immersive learning experience provides students the opportunity to innovate on intercultural, business and socio-economic issues within a dynamic local ecosystem, as well as develop key professional skills.

Over five days you will work in diverse teams alongside experienced local NGOS, with additional insight and support from a wide range of local enterprises, experts and student buddies as well as the NGO leaders themselves. You’ll be challenged to address issues that different at-risk populations are faced with in Romania today, facilitate mutual aid and find solutions for the social and economic barriers they encounter, leading to an inspiring finale presenting your ideas to an expert Jury.

The highly interactive program is packed with inspirational talks, skills workshops, career insights, networking sessions and creative teamwork supported by expert coaches. All participants will improve online collaboration skills using the latest tools and gain essential workplace skills. Integrating interaction with peers joining online from Romania provides a fully immersive intercultural experience which both enhances the learning experience and contributes to producing relevant and adapted proposals during the challenge.

The program is organized by multi-award-winning design agency Petrus and is hosted entirely online via a simple and user-friendly interface allowing you to participate using software and tools you are familiar with already, as well as learning some new ones.

NGO's for 2021 include:

  • Hospice – Casa Sperantei – HOSPICE – Casa Speranței addresses physical, emotional, spiritual and social concerns that arise with advanced illness while also promoting palliative care training on a national and international level through educational programs, information and advocacy. With 28 year of experience in the field of palliative care, Hospice owns two hospitals in Bucharest and Braşov open 24/7 and providing free of charge medical services for terminally ill patients and their families. Annually, 172.000 Romanians need palliative care.

  • Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET) – Mihai Eminescu Trust is commited to revitalise local communities in Romania by valuing the cultural and natural heritage,  supporting multiculturality and encouraging local economy. Since its establishment in 2000, MET has carried out more than 1200 projects in more than 45 villages and cities in Romania. To this numbers they add 115 locations where MET has implemented an extended reforestation programme with more than 2.3 million samplings planted. In the beginning the MET developed slowly, due to the inauspicious political context of the times. But an immediate need for intervention soon arose. In this context, the organisation was supported by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Prince Charles gave a speech to the London Civil Society about the importance of maintaining traditional villages in Romania. The organisation has dedicated its activity to protecting historical Transylvanian heritage.

  • Reality Check – Through field monitoring, Reality Check verifies how laws are being applied on the ground and how public funds are spent, to help impoverished communities. It also informs, trains and mentors public employees, in order to help them apply legislation better.

  • Roma Center for Health Policies - SASTIPEN is a non-governmental association founded in 2007 which aims to analyse and develop health policies, as well as strategies and public health interventions, with a focus on Roma communities, in order to improve the health situation of members of this minority group. At the same time, SASTIPEN has a particular interest in promoting and changing health habits and practices, as well as the community development of disadvantaged groups in Romania.


To access the webinar and hear from:

  • Bethan Richards – 2nd year student doing a BA in History and Modern Languages and an upcoming spring intern at J.P. Morgan who participated in the virtual edition of the Global Leaders in 2019.
  • James Osborn – a Masters student in Mechanical Engineering and Management with International Study who participated in the Global Leaders 2019 edition (Toulouse, France) and in the virtual Global Learning Expedition – Thriving Online. (also organised by Petrus).

  • Laura Alistar - Head of Campaigns at Petrus Communications and the host of the 2020 and 2021 Online Global Leaders.

  • Leanne Bisatt - Global Opportunities Officer (Short Programmes) at the University of Exeter. 

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Participating in the Global Leaders Programme was such a great experience. Even though it was held online rather than Bucharest and during a pandemic, I am super proud to have stepped out of my comfort zone and to have created a meaningful and tangible solution for Romanian NGO, Global Women in Tech with my team. I learnt so much from the experience from hearing about communities and the education system in Romania to learning about emotional intelligence and diversity from the University of Exeter Careers Team. I have gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities to tackle challenges from the Global Leaders Programme, I have made great friends and connections and overall, this has really helped me be fearless in going for opportunities. 2021, looks like an exciting year for me and I'm super excited to be a Spring Intern at J.P. Morgan and go on my year abroad to France and utilise the skills and lessons learn from Global Leaders.”

Bethan Richards

When will it take place?

This programme starts on the 15th February and end on Friday the 19th of February. There is also a networking session on Sunday the 14th of February. The core activity takes place between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. There are from 3 to 6 hours of interactive content online each day, either with the whole cohort or in small groups, as well as time for team work and optional social and networking activities.

Eligibility Criteria 

You must fit all of these in order for your application to be considered: 

  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Exeter or have a graduation date of 2021
  • Have a good academic record of achievement 
  • Be able to undertake all time commitments for the programme dates ‌


This opportunity is fully funded for succesful applicants. 

How do I apply?

You can submit an application here and the deadline for application is midnight on Monday the 8th of February. 

Please direct all additional enquiries to