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Being a Peer Mentor counts towards the Exeter Award

Anyone with the opportunity to be a Peer Mentor should take it! You gain a lot more than you could possible ever imagine.

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors

Being a Peer Mentor is a fun and fulfilling role where you can help students in lower years whilst developing yourself.

Depending on the programme, you could be:

  • leading activity-based peer learning sessions to a group within your discipline

  • mentoring a student 1-1 with settling in to University

  • offering online support to new students before their arrival

Benefits of being a Peer Mentor

Enhances your academic performance

Mentoring students in your area of study consolidates your own subject knowledge from previous years resulting in a more well-rounded understanding going forward.  It is often said that you fully understand something when you can help others to understand it, and Peer Support gives you the opportunity to recap on your previous course content and demonstrate this.

Improves your employability

Through planning, organising and leading sessions with mentees, you will gain excellent experiences to put on your CV and talk about at interviews.  Employers are very interested in students who can show that they have leadership skills, can communicate confidently, can use their initiative and work in a team; all of which are skills that being a Peer Mentor will help you to develop (and many more!).  Peer Mentors can also use the time spent mentoring (and at training) towards their volunteering hours on The Exeter Award.

Rewards and recognition

Peer Mentors who complete all stages of their Peer Mentor Workflow will receive HEAR recognition, a certificate and an Amazon voucher.  Your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) is an enhanced academic transcript that contains detailed information about your learning and achievements which, along with your degree certificate, will support applications for employment and further study.

Towards the end of the academic year, outstanding Peer Mentors are celebrated at the Academic Representation and Engagement Awards ceremony.

You may also have the opportunity to attend and present at regional and national Peer Support conferences.

Training and support

Your online 'Peer Mentor Workflow'

Once your application to be a Peer Mentor has been approved, you can access your Peer Mentor Workflow on our website.

This is a stage-by-stage process that all Peer Mentors access to:

  • book onto a Peer Mentor Training Workshop
  • download the register template to complete and upload at the end of each term
  • engage in developmental and reflective activities

Completing the Peer Mentor Training Workshop and Register stages are mandatory, but if you complete all stages by the end of the academic year you will obtain HEAR recognition, a certificate and more!

Get involved

Getting started

To find a programme that is relevant to you or your studies, please check this webpage: Peer Support Programmes

Here you will find a list of programmes across the University and can find out who the Programme Organiser is.  You can then contact the Programme Organiser to see if they are currently recruiting Peer Mentors and if so, you'll be given a link to the online application form.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email and will then need to access your Peer Mentor Workflow to book onto a Peer Mentor Training Workshop and download the register template.

Can't find a programme?

If you can't find a relevant programme but feel there is demand for one and would like to find out about setting one up, please visit this webpage: Set up a Programme

Have a question about Peer Support?



Mentoring During Covid-19



Your safety is our highest priority and we have been working to ensure the Peer Support Scheme is able to continue this year with additional safety measures put in place.  We encourage Peer Mentors to use Zoom or Teams to host meetings with their Mentees whenever possible and to keep an eye on Government and University guidelines relating to neccassary rules and regulations.  It is essential our students are still able to enjoy the scheme so we advise Peer Mentors to not do anything they are uncomfortable with.


If you have any further questions regarding Peer Support during COVID-19 or wish to discuss anything further please contact your Peer Programme Organiser or the Peer Support Team: