Award Winning Green Consultants Programme

Curriculum and research

We are committed to providing all students with the opportunity to learn about the scientific, human, social and cultural issues which are involved in the vital field of sustainability and to equip them with the skills for a ‘greener’ economy and the imagination to provide solutions for a sustainable society. Acknowledging that there are many different interpretations and definitions of ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Sustainable Development’ (SD), the University of Exeter chooses to define environmental sustainability as a state where human activity does not degrade the natural environment beyond self sustainment. Sustainable development is the process that enables humanity to move towards an environmentally, socially, economically and culturally sustainable world.

In 2014, Education for Sustainable Development was made an integral part of the new Education Strategy, with the aim of developing the way it is embedding in the curriculum. The Strategy refers explicitly to sustainability and includes a statement of Graduate Attributes that all curricula should seek to develop. The Strategy also includes a key strategic aim to promote multi-disciplinary learning that tackles contemporary global challenges.

A number of  flagship ‘sustainability’ focussed programmes and modules exist at all Colleges, which include the One Planet MBA and the module Mathematics and Climate Change. Under the enhanced modularity scheme students have the opportunity to take additional sustainability focussed modules to compliment and enrich the programme of study. These SUSTAINability modules range from broad knowledge in the areas of politics and anthropology to applied disciplinary knowledge such as renewable energy and environmental law.

The Flexible Combined Honours degree also offers exciting Global Futures/Sustainability themed modular pathways. This scheme allows students to combine modules from different programmes into a custom made ‘combined’ degree that will be enhanced further with a sustainability focussed module in each year. A list of Sustainability modules available as part of the Flexible Combined Honours degree can be found here.